Prince Rupert & District Métis Society celebrated a very successful AGM

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Prince Rupert & District Métis Society held their Annual General Meeting and Elections on Saturday April 28, 2018, where a number of community members attended to learn about the past year activities from the community leadership and also learned of the future mandate and plans for the Prince Rupert community and celebrate the opening of their new community office.

MNBC President Clara Morin Dal Col, North West Regional Director Susie Hooper and MNBC CEO Dale Drown were also in attendance along with some of our regional staff and representatives.

Highlights submitted by PRDMS President Joy Sundin -

We had a great annual general meeting to review the past year with 28 persons present. We were very fortunate to have special guests President Clara Morin Dal Col and CEO Dale Drown from MNBC head office to tell us what is happening at the provincial level, and NW Regional Rep Susie Hooper to encourage our involvement in our community. We were also very appreciative with attendance of Alica Fernando, NW Women's Rep and Darcy Petuh from the Terrace NW Employment and Training, and also Quinn Basso who is our charter community Youth Rep,who maintains our Facebook page and is developing a web page for our community.
The Directors from 2017-2018 have agreed to stand as the 2018-2019 Directors of the Society and big thanks to Mark Bell, Sandra Sears and Raven Grauman. We thanked Trevor Murdock for his years of guidance as he stepped down from the governing group. Joy Sundin had agreed to serve this next year as President and Rob Basso had agreed to fill the Vice President duties, which we are continuing on from November 2017 when we realigned our Executive.
We made special acknowledgement of the UPIP grants that MNBC has secured and have become available since February 2018 to assist with the communities' organization and programs and services. We have held a successful Open House community gathering in our new office in March where we Sashed our Warriors, and are currently planning a Youth Cultural Camp for September, and also many more community gatherings. We will participate in the Prince Rupert community festival Seafest in June with a parade float and also a vending booth selling bison and elk burgers. We were awarded a student through our application with the Canada Summer Jobs, and our office will be a buzz of activity now!
Once the formal meeting was over, then it was on to enjoying the BBQ'd bison and elk burgers and super yummy smokies! A potluck of sweet and savoury dishes were brought by attendees, and we were wonderfully serenaded by the fiddling of Andy Goulet, guitar accompaniment of Bev Musselman, and drums and percussion with Tom Rysstad. What a wonderful way to spend an afternoon with friends of our community! We are truly blessed.

Photos: new office

Photo 1 - Left to right: Darcie Petuh, Joy Sundin, Renee Berschaminski.  Photo 2 - Darcie Petuh, Rob Basso, Joy Sundin, Renee Berschaminski.


Congratulations to Prince Rupert & District Métis Society for the official opening of their community office and a very successful AGM.

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