Prince George Métis Community Logo Design Contest

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Open to all Métis people across BC!

PRIZES to be Won!

1st prize: $200 Mastercard gift card
2nd prize: $100 Mastercard gift card
3rd place: $50 Mastercard gift card

The Prince George Métis Community Association (PGMCA) is a Chartered Métis Community which represents over 1100 Métis Nation of BC (MNBC) citizens living in Prince George and the Fraser-Fort George Regional District (see map). The goals of PGMCA are to represent the interests and rights of Métis people in the region and to undertake events and initiatives to enhance the social, cultural, and economic well-being of our members. Some of the specific things we do include: host cultural events and community gatherings; represent Prince George and the region Métis voice to local, provincial, and national stakeholders; and act as a resource to Métis and non-Métis people looking for information about Métis culture and citizenship.
Logo contest

PGMCA does not currently have its own logo to put on our letters, business cards, and website. If we did have a logo, this would add credibility and officiality to our various endeavours. For this reason, we have decided to establish a contest open to all self-identifying Métis people in BC to submit original logo creations, with the winning submission becoming our official logo moving forward. Youth (ages 15-30) and Métis people who live or used to live in the Prince George region are especially encouraged to submit to the contest, though it is open to any Métis person living in BC. Individuals can submit as many times as they wish.


Figure 1. Map of the region served by PGMCA

Ideas for the logo

We encourage participants to be as creative as possible. That being said, the logo should ideally incorporate aspects of Métis culture (e.g., flower beadwork, Red River Cart, Métis sash) and possibly Prince George-specific cultural artifacts of significance to Métis people (e.g., Island Cache, Fraser and Nechako Rivers, spruce trees, trains). The logo can be in colour or greyscale, must be rectangular or square in shape, and should be distinct enough to discern its features at a size of 1.5cm by 1.5cm. Contest participants are encouraged but not required to place “PGMCA” somewhere in the logo (on the top or bottom is okay).
Here are some examples of the kind of logo we’re looking for:

Contest rules

Submissions should be sent in a high-quality format via email to the current PGMCA Youth Representative, Justin Turner, at Please state in the email your name, age, and the city where you live. If you choose to submit multiple logos, please send only one image per email. The deadline for submissions is May 15, 2020, at 11:59 pm. Justin will anonymize all submissions, print them out, and then the other members of PGMCA’s Board will rank all submitted logos. The top three submissions will receive Mastercard gift card prizes of $200 for first place, $100 for second place, and $50 for third place. Only the top submission will become PGMCA’s official logo. If more than one of an individual’s submissions are selected in the top 3, then the next highest ranked logo will receive the prize. Note that by submitting to this contest, you agree that PGMCA and future Métis chartered communities in Prince George can use the logo indefinitely without credit. If none of the submitted logos are deemed to have sufficient quality by a majority vote of the Board, then PGMCA reserves the right to not use the winning logo.