OFFICIAL NOTICE - Métis Nation Governing Assembly 2020

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Métis Nation British Columbia hereby serves official notice to all Métis Nation Governing Assembly members that the MNGA will convene March 6-8, 2020 at the Executive Hotel Vancouver Airport, located at 7311 Westminster Highway, Richmond, BC.

In accordance with the MNGA Act (Article 3) and the MNBC Constitution (Article 29 and 29.1), MNGA members are defined as follows;

ARTICLE 3 – Composition of the Métis Nation Governing Assembly

3.0 In this Act:
3.1 The MNGA shall be composed of
      a) The MNBC Executive as represented by the President, Vice‐President, Treasurer, Secretary, plus the Regional Directors, Métis Women of British Columbia Chairperson and BCUMYC Chairperson; and
      b) The Presidents of the Chartered Communities of the MNBC.
3.2 In the event a Community President is unable to attend a General Assembly, the Community’s Vice‐President may represent that Community.
3.3 All MNGA voting delegates must be registered with the Métis Nation British Columbia Central Registry in accordance with the Métis Nation British Columbia Citizenship Act 

Download full OFFICIAL NOTICE 

In preperation for MNGA 2020, please download the following:

  1. MNGA Draft Agenda 
  2. Budget Act Committee Recommendations
  3. PSAB Statements - CPA Canada Public Sector Accounting Handbook[3]
  4. MNGA Kit
  5. MNGA Board, Ministry and Senate Reports
  6. New Draft Consultation Guidelines


If you are not a delegate of the MNGA, or otherwise required to attend, please DO NOT REGISTER. However, if you are not a delegate or required but wish to attend the MNGA, you may contact the organizer at or call 604-557-5851.

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