News Release - MNBC releases findings from the ‘Identifying Existing Gaps Research’

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Surrey, BC - Métis Nation British Columbia (MNBC) has released the findings of the “Identifying Existing Gaps” research project. The objective of this research was to identify the challenges to Métis participation in the BC economy and to create recommendations for recruitment and retention of Métis people across the Province.

The findings of this research were based on the results of over 800 surveys that were collected in the fall of 2016. An analysis of the recruitment and retention policies of 107 employers known for their efforts in creating diverse and inclusive workplaces was also completed.  A Provincial Engagement Session was held in conjunction with the 2017 MNGA to identify solutions to the challenges that were identified from the research. With the input of the nearly 100 attendees, the engagement session produced 4 key actions to improve the recruitment and retention of Métis people across the Province:

  1. Renegotiate ASET’s terms;
  2. Create a “Métis 101” package to each Métis Chartered Community to distribute as they see fit;
  3. Work with school districts to ensure Métis curriculum is included in all grades for all students, teachers, and administrators; and
  4. Provide Métis specific cultural training for employers and employees.

MNBC would like to thank all those who took the time to ensure their voice was heard. Improving the recruitment and retention of Métis people across the Province is an important opportunity for both employers and Métis people as:   

  • Métis people will benefit from a culturally relevant approach that ensures meaningful lifelong labour force attachment; and
  • Employers will be able to connect with a very large, untapped pool of highly skilled employees.

A 20-page report is available to all who are interested in reading the results in greater detail. We have also released an infographic with some of the more interesting results from the research and a 5 step guide to ‘Creating a Métis Inclusive Workforce’. 

Download MNBC Identifying the Gaps Report 2016-17 (PDF)

Download 5 Steps to Creating a Métis-inclusive Workforce (PDF) 

Download Exsisting Gaps - INFOGRAPHIC (PDF)

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