Métis Nation Relationship Renewal

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Surrey, BC (November 16, 2015)BC Government and Métis Nation British Columbia Renew Important Relationship

Surrey, BC (November 16, 2016) – Métis Nation British Columbia and the Government of British Columbia renewed their formal working relationship through the signing today of the Métis Nation Relationship Accord II. The new Accord references the Daniels decision of the Supreme Court of Canada which was a huge win for Métis people in Canada earlier this year, and also expands the subject areas to include Children and Families, Information Sharing, Justice and Wildlife Stewardship.

The new Accord signed today in Victoria at the Provincial Legislature is the result of several months of discussions between officials of the Provincial Government and MNBC following political level meetings in which commitments were made by John Rustad, the Minister of Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation to former MNBC President Bruce Dumont and new MNBC President Clara Morin Dal Col that the original Accord signed back in 2006 would be updated and expanded to reflect the realities and needs of Métis people in British Columbia in 2016 going forward.

President Morin Dal Col said, “This Accord shows a strong and renewed commitment by the Government of British Columbia to work closely with MNBC in a large number of important areas to help ensure we can continue to make a difference for the nearly 70,000 Métis people in this province. We are very appreciative of the working relationship that we have had with Minister Rustad for the past four years, and now with the renewed commitment through the Accord we look forward to continuing work with Minister Rustad and Marc Dalton, the recently appointed Parliamentary Secretary for Métis Relations.”

“It is a good day for all Métis people in British Columbia, especially with the signing of the Accord taking place on the day that the Provincial Government has proclaimed it “Louis Riel Day” and on a day that the Métis flag is flying in front of the BC Legislature,” the President further stated.


Photo credits: BC Gov News

Group photo:Vancouver Island & Powell River Regional Youth Represntative Danielle Atkinson, Minister Rustad, Provincial Women's Chair Victoria Pruden, Vice President Lissa Smith, President Clara Morin Dal Col, Paliamentry Secretary Marc Dalton and Aboriginal Youth interns working within the various government Ministries.

Painting gift by Minister Rustad to President Morin Dal Col, created by: Métis artist Sherry Williams of Victoria

Framed sashes gifted to Minister Rustad and Parliamentary Secretary Dalton, MNBC

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Métis Nation BC is recognized by both the B.C. provincial government and federal government and the Métis National Council as the official governing organization representing Métis people in British Columbia. The Métis people of British Columbia are separate and distinct Aboriginal people with their own unique language, history and culture as defined under Section 35 and defined by the Supreme Court of Canada on April 14, 2016 under Section 91 (24) of the Canadian Constitution Act, 1867.
Métis Nation BC represents nearly 70,000 self-identified Métis people in the province of British Columbia, of which nearly 15,000 are registered Métis Citizens. The Métis people in BC represents the fourth largest Métis population in Canada.
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