MNBC Statement on MMIWG One-Year Anniversary of the National Inquiry’s Final Report

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Communication regarding MMIWG One Year anniversary of commission findings and recommendations – Calls for Miskotahȃ

Tanisi Métis Nation citizens, relatives, and allies, 

(Surrey, BC June 3, 2020) Today marks the one year anniversary of the release of the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls presented its Final Report, Reclaiming Power and Place, through a ceremony to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and to each province and territory. 

We acknowledge the thousands of Indigenous women who shared their truths, resilience and strength in authentically sharing stories and best practices with the commission. We also acknowledge those Métis women, families of Missing and Murdered Métis Women, Girls and Two-Spirited people who were not able to participate fully in this process, and did not find their way to safely provide testimony.

On this anniversary, we as the Métis Women of British Columbia provincial council, wish to honour our Métis Women, Girls, Families and Two-Spirited citizens and provide some strength-based support and encouragement. We are currently partnering with Les Femmes Michif Otipemisiwak / Women of the Métis Nation on MMIWGTwo Spirited community-based consultation sessions, and have a “to-do” list of short term actions that we can take to support communities in addressing ongoing violence, vulnerability in our families and communities, and reach out in safe ways during the ongoing crisis of COVID-19.

We encourage you today, to take time to reflect on your commitment to bringing more safety to our sisters, women, girls and Two-Spirited family members. Renew your commitment to safety and wellness in our own families, communities and nation. We attach for your review the Métis specific recommendations and calls for change “Miskotahȃ” (the Michif Word for Change) that we prepared on behalf of the Women of the Métis Nation, as well as the Lateral Kindness and Trauma-Informed Toolkit which Métis Women British Columbia helped to bring to our communities. 

Light a candle with us today. Help to bring light and commitment to these issues of violence, and renew your personal actions to address the still dire situation of so many women, girls and Two-Spirited Métis people across our nation.

In unity,

Victoria Pruden, Nancy Larkin, Lee Fraser, Cheryl Dodman, Wendy Schneider, Dawna Lee Short, Alicia Fernando, Carol Paynter, and Sheila Lewis

Métis Women British Columbia Provincial and Regional Representatives, and staff

Women of the Métis Nation Report, Resources and Tool Kits