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(December 10, 2016 – Ottawa) Métis Nation British Columbia President Clara Morin Dal Col is pleased with an agreement between Canada and the Métis Nation that will see the involvement of Métis representatives in the implementation process of the new Pan-Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change. There was general agreement on the new Framework arising from yesterday’s meeting of First Ministers and Indigenous Leaders in Ottawa. The implementation plan for the Pan-Canadian Framework enables the full inclusion of all the Métis Nation governments to participate effectively.

“This is a significant step in moving forward on addressing the issues of climate change and I am very pleased with the inclusion of the Métis Nation in this framework implementation,” said President Morin Dal Col. “In British Columbia, the state of the environment and the impacts of climate change are very important to Métis people, and this framework lays out a plan to ensure our interests and concerns are addressed, and that Métis people are going to be involved in the process.”

President Morin Dal Col said, “This reflects well on the nation to nation relationship with the Métis Nation that the Prime Minister and his government is committed to, and this agreement between Canada and the Métis Nation is solid evidence of that commitment. As a member of the Métis National Council Board of Governors, MNBC will be involved in the go-forward implementation plan.”

The MNBC President added, “Climate change affects us all, and we look forward to working with our Chartered Communities, our Métis youth, and the BC Métis Assembly of Natural Resources on behalf of all Métis people in British Columbia.”

The MNC Board of Governors met in Ottawa on Thursday before joining the meeting on Friday with the Prime Minister and Premiers, and other Indigenous representatives.


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Photo:l-r: Métis Elder Oliver Boulette, MNO President Margaret Froh, MNA President Audrey Poitras, MNC President Clément Chartier, MNBC President Clara Morin-Dal Col, MMF President David Chartrand, MN-S Vice President Gerald Morin

Photo credit: Métis National Council Communications

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