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On November 2nd, 2016, MNBC Provincial Youth Chairperson and Minister for Youth, Cassidy Caron, and MNBC Director of Health, Tanya Davoren, were invited to attend a public hearing of the Standing Committee on Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada for their study on suicide among Indigenous peoples 

The purpose of Standing Committee on Indigenous and Northern Affairs is to review, examine and report on issues affecting Aboriginal Canadians and northerners.

Minister Caron served as a witness, presenting a 10 minute testimony to the committee which included facts on the lack of Métis specific mental wellness programs, statistics from "Ta Saantii: A Metis Youth Health Report" and recommendations to the standing committee. 

"What an amazing experience we had today! I am so grateful to have been able to be a messenger of these important facts and recommendations" said MNBC Youth Minister.

Following the testimony, Ms. Davoren, fielded questions regarding Métis mental health and suicide in Métis Communities.  

The audio recording of the hearing will be made available on the standing committee's web page within the next few weeks. MNBC will post that link here on our page and throughout our social media for our viewers.

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