MNBC Launches Métis Mental Health Youth Advisory Committee

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Launching MNBC’s Métis Mental Health Youth Advisory Committee

May 7th marks National Child and Youth Mental Health Day. National Child and Youth Mental Health Day “is about having caring conversations and making connections between children, youth and caring adults in their lives” (FamilySmart)[1].

We recognize that many of our Métis Youth are facing mental health concerns; findings from the McCreary Centre Society’s 2013 report (Ta Saantii: A profile of Métis Youth Health in BC) show that 35% of Métis Youth reported having at least one mental health condition – with depression, anxiety disorder, and ADHD as the most common conditions. Creating connections with supportive adults can considerably impact the mental health of Métis Youth. In fact, Métis Youth experiencing a mental health condition who had supportive adults involved in their lives reported better health, and were less likely to have attempted suicide.

While connection is not the only factor that contributes wellness, building these relationships creates the potential to significantly support the mental health of children and youth. This May 7th, take time to reflect on how we can connect with our children and youth today, and everyday. For further information on mental health and Métis youth, see the attached infographic.

The MNBC Ministry of Health is excited to announce that this year’s National Child and Youth Mental Health Day coincides with the launch of MNBC’s Métis Mental Health Youth Advisory Committee. This committee will bring together a diverse group of Métis Youth, representing many unique perspectives. The committee will be driven by the voices of Métis Youth who are seeking to create positive change in the mental health and Métis communities. Committee members will strive to develop projects aimed at promoting wellness, reducing stigma, and providing insight on the Métis Youth mental health experiences.

Membership on the committee is open to Métis Youth (between the ages of 15 and 30) who have an interest in and passion for mental health. For more information, please contact Jillian Jones at

[1] FamilySmart:

Click HERE to view infographic.

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