MNBC hosted by City of Dawson Creek and the Northeast Region for a grand 2017 AGM

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Attended by nearly 250 people over 3 days of tradeshows, cultural exhibits, meetings and many events - delegates, family, friends and guests gathered at the Encana Centre in Dawson Creek for the 2017 Annual General Meeting of the Métis Nation British Columbia.  It was nothing short of ‘one of the most successful and enjoyable AGM’s to date’ … were the comments heard throughout the weekend by many who attended.

There are many highlights of the AGM this year.  Kicking off the festivities on Friday, the Northeast Métis Communities of Dawson Creek, Fort St. John and Chetwynd displayed with pride their cultural showcases.  Highlights will be posted.  It was a proud time for the Northeast to host the AGM in their region and with the City of Dawson Creek’s Mayor, Dale Bumstead’s support and full endorsement; it was truly an event to remember.  The featured talent of the “Golden Girls” Carrington and Syenna Mitchell drew a large crowd to the reception on Thursday evening and captivated the public and our delegates with their incredibly talented vocals.

Friday afternoon the AGM opened up with the Grand Entry. Led by Jigging sensation, Bev Lambert (Métis Bev), Master Fiddler and Region 5 Director Raynie Gervais, and the very talented BCMANR Captain for Region 6 Rene Lucier on guitar.  Followed by Sergent at Arms Frazer MacDonald and the Métis Veterans of BC (Color / Flag Party).  Leading the dignitaries and the Board of Directors, President Clara Morin Dal Col and His Worship, Mayor Dale Bumstead.

Opening the ceremonies of the day, Carrington and Syenna led the Assembly in singing the Canadian and Métis anthems, and Senators Philip Gladue, and Margaret Penner delivered the opening prayer.

Mayor Bumstead welcomed the Métis Nation British Columbia 2017 AGM to Dawson Creek and extended his appreciation for the opportunity to showcase the community. The Mayor spoke of his personal pride and historical connection to his Métis ancestry and the importance of Métis preservation and noted a very special and emotional thanks to Sadie Lukan for her efforts to keep the Métis community alive in BC.

President Morin Dal Col welcomed delegates to the 2017 AGM. She extended thanks to the Senators for their Opening Prayers, the corporate sponsors and government partners for their invaluable support, and the MNBC staff for their support in organizing the AGM.  Delegates were extended special thanks for their attendance and their participation and input was encouraged.

In President Clara Morin Dal Col’s opening address, she commented, “We have made tremendous progress in this past year, but we have much work to do”.  The President noted some days some issues can be very challenging and on those days she thinks of Canada’s hero and our own Métis hero Terry Fox as he faced every challenge to raise awareness and dollars to find a cure for cancer. Our goal”, stated the President, “is to make a difference for Métis people and families wherever they live in British Columbia, and like Terry Fox we will meet every challenge and we will never give up”.

Greetings that followed were welcome comments and recognition of the Metis Veterans BC, by Vice President Lissa Smith, Region 7 Director Walter Mineault, MYBC Regional Youth Representative Summer Supernant and Sadie Lukan, Dawson Creek’s North East Metis Association President.  Emcee Jason Simmonds read to the Assembly written greetings from dignitaries who were unable to attend.

Dave Peltier was chosen by acclamation by the delegation as Chair of the 2017 AGM, supported by Dale Drown as Clerk, with an initial voting delegation of 122 Metis citizens the business of the 2017 AGM was called to order and deliberations on ten resolutions were presented, with nine being ratified and one being tabled.  These ratifications will affect some changes within the MNBC Governance Acts.  The Acts as ratified by the AGM will be posted on the MNBC website.  A number of the resolutions were simple matters of housekeeping such as spelling or punctuation corrections, which will not affect the Acts themselves.

Saturday evening was an immensely entertaining and enjoyable dinner and banquet for over 260 people in attendance.  Performances by “PennyLes” (Les Toews and Penny Goulet), “Métis Elvis” (Fred Steen) and an encore performance by the “Golden Girls” (Carrington and Syenna) filled the banquet room with incredible talent, laughter and the applause from the crowd. 

On the last day of the agenda, MNBC delegation welcomed Métis National Council President Clément Chartier as he brought greetings on behalf of the Métis Nation and provided an update on the Nation’s important affairs, noting the significance of the Accord signed with Canada in April and the new relationship that is now in place with the Federal Government.

The Chair adjourned the meeting early Sunday afternoon following the panel of reports presented by the MNBC Ministers from their respective Ministries, and the delegates voting that next year’s AGM be held in Richmond on September 14, 15, 16, 2018. Next year following AGM 2018, proposals would be invited from communities for the hosting of the 2019 AGM.

Everyone agreed that this year’s AGM was a hugely successful event. 

Other Highlights:

  • President’s Address – AGM 2017
  • President Morin Dal Col sashing young Métis Citizens from Fort St. John and Chetwynd;
  • Swearing in and sashing ceremony of Métis Youth BC Regional Representatives: Region 7, Summer Supernant, and Region 4, Drew Nagao;
  • Métis Youth BC cultural crafts night.
  • Métis Children & Families Forum;
  • Métis Women BC annual meeting and “Métis Women’s identify and history” slide show presentation;
  • Métis Veterans BC annual meeting;
  • BC Métis Assembly of Natural Resources annual meeting;
  • Moccasin Flats documentary 1 and 2.
  • “Corridors of Communication: BC Métis History within New Caledonia and the Peace” presentation by Brodie Douglas;
  • MNBC and Infinity flags flown outside of the Encana Centre, thank you to Mayor Bumstead for pulling the strings.

Official AGM 2017 photo album

Our Special Thanks!!

  • MNBC extends warm and sincere appreciation to this year’s AGM Partners and Sponsors:
  • Government of Canada, Province of BC, O’Brien Training, Taylor Professional Driving, Enbridge, Encana, Northern Geo, William Scotsman, Indigenous Works, OJ Pipelines CA, CS Spill Check, BC Hydro,  TransCanada, Roy Northern, IUOE Local 115 Training Association, Fortis BC, Bucking Horse River Lodge, LiUNA Local 1611 and City of Dawson Creek. Thank you for your support and generosity!
  • Sadie Lukan, the host Community of Dawson Creek “Northeast Metis Association” for being such a gracious and giving host and sharing her Métis recipes with Encana Chef for some traditional meals during the AGM;
  • Brenda House, NEMA member, for the stunning center pieces for the AGM Banquet and all the volunteers over at NEMA who contributed in making the AGM the success it was.
  • Northeast Regional Director Walter Mineault for his contributions and hosting the AGM in his region;
  • Métis Veterans BC “Dumont Scouts” for their service to our Nation and AGM;
  • Moccasin Flats Metis Society, Fort St. John, Kelly Lake and surrounding communities of the Northeast;
  • Mayor Bumstead and the City of Dawson Creek;
  • Encana Centre: special thanks to Manager of Special Events, Judy Kucharuk, Ryan MacIvor, Special Events General Manager, Chef Chris Kidd, Catering Manager Alisha Patterson, IT support crew “In Town” for audio & visual, and the amazing and talented operations team and set up staff;
  • Rob Ness and his shuttle services to and from the airport and Dawson Creek;
  • Browns Chevrolet for donating a passenger vehicle and Janice Wagar for shuttling our Elders and folks who needed supports to and from the hotels and event center.
  • Pomeroy, Stonebridge and Holiday Inn Hotels and their dedicated team for being so accommodating and making us feel so welcome throughout our stay while in Dawson,
  • Fixx Catering Team,
  • ASETS, Finance, Registry and all other MNBC staff members for their tremendous support, and service to our citizens throughout the events;
  • Fraser Valley Printing for going beyond for our kits;
  • Kris Varga for always being our quarter back in design support;
  • Jason Simmonds for an outstanding job of emceeing the AGM and the AGM Banquet and dinner, always there to lend support wherever and whenever.
  • David Peltier, for an outstanding job at chairing his first MNBC Annual General Meeting.
  • MNBC Chartered Communities and Métis people and Citizens, for your continued support.

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