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Métis Women of British Columbia UPDATE

Tansi Métis Nation British Columbia - on behalf of our Métis Women of British Columbia Committee, 

Remembrance Day is almost upon us, and we will be taking time to honour our Veterans and the sacrifices that they have made for Canada and the World.  Our MWBC committee has begun their work, and we are in the process of making plans for the year ahead, hoping to engage and inspire Women and Families with supportive resources, information, and ideas. 

Our Métis Women of British Columbia Regional Representatives are in the process of getting settled into their positions for this term, and are seeking Community Women's Representatives in each chartered community to be involved in upcoming activities, and to provide input to the MWBC.  Contacts for each region are:

Region 1 Vancouver Island: Nancy Larkin region1women@mnbc.ca 

Region 2 Lower Mainland: Lee Fraser region2women@mnbc.ca

Region 3 Thompson Okanagan: Cheryl Dodman region3women@mnbc.ca

Region 4 Kootenays: Wendy Favel region4women@mnbc.ca

Region 5 North Central: Dawna Lee Short region5women@mnbc.ca

Region 6 North West: Alicia Fernando region6women@mnbc.ca

Region 7 North East: Gladys Ingram region7women@mnbc.ca

Métis Women of British Columbia attend Nәćamat: 2016 Downtown Eastside Aboriginal Women’s Village of Wellness

On Thursday Oct 6,  Métis Women of British Columbia Representatives Victoria Pruden (Provincial Chair), Lee Fraser (Lower Mainland), Cheryl Dodman (Thompson Okanagan) and Dawna Lee Short (North Central) attended a Wellness gathering at the Woodward’s Building Atrium on Hastings Street in Vancouver. The Conference was a great opportunity to meet Métis women from diverse backgrounds, and learn about their life's journey and paths to wellness. The gathering provided wellness sessions, information on health, wellness, safety, traditions, and overcoming adversity. This conference gave us ideas for sessions that we would like to host in our Métis communities around the province. It was great to meet Métis women at the gathering, and enjoy Métis entertainment by Lisa Shepard - Victoria was pleased to provide the closing remarks and express gratitude to all of the participants and funders. Thank you Tanya Davoren, MNBC Director of Health for participating, attending, and coordinating our participation in this gathering.

(Photo: L-R Lee Fraser, Tanya Davoren, Dawna Lee Short, Lisa Shepard, Cheryl Dodman, Victoria Pruden, Megan Brown)

Métis Women providing Wellness Training for Professionals

I attended the Association of Service Providers for Employability and Career Training (ASPECT) November 4th and was able to participate in an amazing workshop facilitated by Loreliei Lyons and Corrina Chase, of 2 Métis Women Consulting, called "Dreamcatcher". In the session, we created Dreamcatchers and discussed self care and the importance of sleep for our health and well being. Lorelei is the president of the North Fraser Métis Association in Burnaby. It was so great to have Lorelei and Corrina representing our Nation at this provincial conference - I was so proud of them!

Please do not hesitate to contact myself or MWBC Representatives if you have questions, or would like to submit your Community Métis Women's Representative contact information.

Victoria Pruden
Provincial Métis Women's Chairperson
Métis Nation British Columbia
email: vpruden@mnbc.ca 
Mobile: (250) 208-0105