Métis Assembly & Bicentennial Celebration

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(NEWS ARCHIVES) June 6, 2016 - On June 16th, 2016, the Governing Métis Nations gathered in Winnipeg, MB, for a Constitutional Convention and General Assembly and to celebrate the bicentennial of the Battle of Seven Oakes and honour Cuthbert Grant who led the Métis defence force on June 19, 1816 and defeated the forces of the Hudson’s Bay Company and Selkirk settlers. 

On June 19th 2016, the governments of the Métis National Council, Métis Nation British Columbia, Métis Nation of Alberta, Métis Nation of Saskatchewan, Métis Nation Ontario and Manitoba Métis Federation honoured those who fought so bravely and sacrificed so much.

MMF President Chartrand emphasized how important the “full story” of Frog Plain or Seven Oaks is for understanding the ongoing struggle of the Métis people.

“ Now we need to start taking that story and changing it, so people can say, when they see the Métis Nation, ‘We know who they are, we respect who they are, we understand why they’re fighting for what they’re fighting for,’” he said. “They’ll never understand until the story is told.

For full news and details of these events please visit the Métis National Council's official site http://www.metisnation.ca/

Watch our video for highlights https://youtu.be/Pm704QsNvas