Métis in BC play important role in management and conservation of migratory birds in BC

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Surrey, BC (Feb 17, 2016) - The British Columbia Métis Assembly of Natural Resources (BCMANR) Captains of the Hunt and the MNBC Ministry of Natural Resources have partnered with Environment Canada and the Canadian Wildlife Service to hold migratory bird workshops throughout the province. Métis in BC can play an important role in the management and conservation of migratory birds in BC and these sessions are being used to help inform attendees how they can take part. 

At each session BCMANR Captains, MNBC staff, and Environment Canada/Canadian Wildlife Service biologists presented information that focused on migratory birds and species at risk in each region as well as our Harvester database and our use and occupancy mapping research. So far, we have held these informative and successful sessions in Delta, Nanaimo, and Kamloops. The feedback from these first three sessions has been positive with great discussions and knowledge exchanged between community members, BCMANR, MNBC, and EC/CWS.  

The Kamloops session saw over 30 community members come out for a fun and informative day. Gary Biggar, Chair of BCMANR, Marlene Beattie the Regional Captain, Daniel Pitman the Regional Director, and Melanie Allard (President of Tri-Rivers Métis) were also on hand. Everyone who attended got a free pass to the wildlife park and enjoyed some spectacular animals up close.

Kamloops migratory bird session