Métis Rights & Reconciliation Engagement Sessions (July UPDATES)

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Thank you Vancouver Island for your support and for coming out and providing your valuable input. We have been overwhelmed by the turnout!

These sessions provide a great opportunity to meet new community people and also bump into more familiar faces as well.  These are welcoming sessions by our communities and are an opportunity for all Métis people to interact with MNBC elected leaders, staff, and volunteers, and have a unique one on one discussion on topics that matter to you.

If you haven't seen our June/July line up to attend a session coming to your community or a community near you, please see here below for the event calendar.  Sessions will run from 11 am until 7 pm except for the North East session which will run 10am - 730pm.

We are looking forward to welcoming all Métis at these sessions and hearing from you on matters of what are important to you.

If you are unable to attend any of these sessions we have provided a questionnaire that you can fill out on all of the topics offered at these sessions so that your voice is also heard and your views valued in these engagements.

Click HERE to view/download: Overview/Session Presentations, Summary & Questionnaire.


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Vancouver Island Session (July - 10-12)

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Hudson Hope Session (June 28)

Chetwynd Session (June 27)

Dawson Creek Session (June 26)


Fort St. John Session (June 25)


Nelson Session (June 19)

Trail Session (June 18)

Abbotsford Session (June 15)


Chilliwack Session (June 14)

Princeton Session (May 25)

Merritt's Session (May 24)

Kamloops Session (May 23)

Williams Lake Session (May 17)

Quesnel Session (May 16)


Prince George' Session (May 15)