Métis Rights & Reconciliation Engagement Sessions Calendar

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If you haven't seen our June/July line up to attend a session coming to your community or a community near you, please see here below for the event calendar.  Sessions will run from 11am untl 7pm.

Stay tuned for the Fall Schedule.

Region 1

  • July 10, 2018 - Campbell River (completed)
  • July 11, 2018 - Comox/Courtenay (completed)
  • July 12, 2018 - Nanaimo (completed)

Region 2             

  • June 14, 2018 - Chilliwack (completed)
  • June 15, 2018 - Abbotsford (completed)
  • June 16, 2018 - Surrey (completed)

Region 4              

  • June 18, 2018 - Trail (completed)
  • June 19, 2018 - Nelson (completed)

Region 7               

  • June 25, 2018 - Fort St John (completed)
  • June 26, 2018 - Dawson Creek (completed)
  • June 27, 2018 - Chetwynd (completed)
  • June 28, 2018 - Hudson’s Hope (completed)

There are two phases to these regional sessions, Phase I sessions will occur within the varied communities and regions through Spring and Summer, while Phase II sessions will occur within the varied communities and regions between Fall and Winter.  All dates and locations can be found on this page.


The sessions provide a venue for MNBC Citizens and self-identified Métis to give feedback and direction on s.35 Rights and Reconciliation negotiations; Consultation; Natural Resources; Métis Veterans; Citizenship Registry; and proposed MNBC Budget Legislation. 

The one on one format allows for personal dialogue and provides the opportunity to ask questions of MNBC elected leaders, representatives, and staff. Come by and meet our fantastic team and leaders of your community and let us learn about matters that are important to you.

There are six stations with a number of different subjects, each station will provide a brief questionnaire to be completed before moving on to the next station of interest.  Your feedback is critical to these sessions and to the Nation.  The team is eager and waiting to talk to you about these very important topics.

All Métis people (registered or self-identifying) are welcome to attend the Engagement sessions at any time during the day or evening. 

Please regard the related overviews, questionnaire, and topic summary documents presented at the Métis Rights & Reconciliation Community Engagement Sessions.  Your feedback is very important. 

See below for relevant details, session overviews, summary & questionnaire, and presentations.


Topic Summaries to date:

  1. MRRES Summary.PDF  (please review the summary before responding to the questionnaire)
  2. Questionnaire.PDF (please be sure you have reviewed the summary before answering questionnaire)

Veterans Engagement:

  1. MV-BC (Veteran Member) Application.PDF
  2. WWII Métis Veteran Data Collection Form.PDF
  3. MV-BC Community Engagement Overview.PDF
  4. MV-BC Community Engagement PPT presentation.PDF
  5. MV-BC (Region 1) Community Engagement. PDF
  6. MV-BC (Region 2) Community Engagement. PDF
  7. MV-BC (Region 3) Community Engagement.PDF
  8. MV-BC (Region 5) Community Engagement.PDF
  9. MV-BC (Veterans) Act.PDF
  10. VAC New Pension For Life Presentation.PDF
  11. VAC WWII Métis Veterans Compensation_Press Release.PDF

HIGHLIGHTS: photo gallery

Hudson Hope Session (June 28)

Chetwynd Session (June 27)


Dawson Creek Session (June 26)


Fort St. John Session (June 25)


Nelson Session (June 19) - a great visit with our Veteran Gordon McGregor

Trail Session (June 18)

Abbotsford Session (June 15)


Chilliwack Session (June 14)

Princeton Session (May 25)

Merritt's Session (May 24)

Kamloops Session (May 23)

Williams Lake Session (May 17)

Quesnel Session (May 16)


Prince George' Session (May 15)