Louis Riel Day Events 2019

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November 16th is an important and symbolic date recognized by Métis people each year in honour of the great Métis Leader Louis Riel who was wrongfully hanged in 1885. Louis Riel is one of our foremost historic leaders who fought for the rights of Métis people as Canada came into existence. Riel was our first leader; a great humanitarian and advocate for justice for Métis people.  This day symbolizes the struggles of the Métis and provides an opportunity for Métis people to showcase Métis culture and honoured traditions.

For more information, please read Louis Riel Day by Brodie Douglas, MNBC Métis Historical Researcher.

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Join your local community in honouring Louis Riel. 

See here for events taking place near you.

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Join Kelowna and Vernon as they celebrate Louis Riel Day with a traditional lunch of Totierrre with gravy, potatoes, and bannock as well as live entertainment and a crafting class!