Louis Riel Day and Events in and around your community!

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"Louis Riel Day" is the most significant day in our history as Métis people. It is a day of celebration of who we are as a unique people, of unique culture and traditions, independent of other Aboriginal peoples.

Although most of us have heard of Louis Riel, not everyone remembers why.

Louis Riel has been described as charismatic, a leader, a rebel, a traitor, the Father of Manitoba, and even insane.

So who is the Louis Riel and how did he get his own holiday?

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In 1885 approximately 300 Métis men took up arms alongside Louis Riel and Gabriel Dumont.

… and going down the coulee I saw Gabriel and he asked where the horses were .. It was the last time I saw Gabriel … Suddenly someone called out to me “ There they are, coming down the coulee with their cannon” I looked and saw them coming down and I shouted to the young men, ‘Take Courage, Take courage pray to God’

Report of Charles Trottier on the Battle of April 24, 1885.

Batoche (arial video)

Prayer of the Council 1885

Lord, Our God,
Thou art the Father of mercy and consolation;
We are several French Canadian Metis
Gathered together in Council,
Who put our confidence in Thee;
Grant that we may not be covered with confusion,
Ever defend us from this,
Enlighten us in our darkness of doubt,
Encourage us in our trials,
Strengthen us in our weakness and
Succour us in the time of pressing need


~ Louis Riel

To commemorate this day, MNBC is pleased to provide you with the following events that are happening around the province.  Please see the detail below for an event happening in or around your community.

  Join the South Okanagan Similkameen Métis Association (SOSMA) and School District 67, for a Métis Family Gathering on November 15, 2017 for students Grade K – 12.  Featuring the incredibly talented Lii Michif Buffalo Gals Jigging troupe from Kamloops, sponsored by SOSMA. The School District is expecting around 100 students and their parents to attend this function and we welcome everyone to come out and celebrate in honour of Louis Riel Day.
  Moccasin Flats Metis will be hosting Louis Riel Day at the Senior's hall Thursday Nov16th 4:00 pm - 6:00pm

On November 16,  the City of Merritt will be flying the Métis flag at City Hall.
Join Nelson & District Métis Society on November 16th for their Louis Riel Day and the Flag Raising of both the red and blue infinity flags at 11am at City Hall.   Joining them this year they are joined by the Local and Area school children.

  Join Trail Métis Community for their Annual Flag Raising Louis Riel Day celebration on November 16th at the City Hall in Trail at 11am and on November 18th at 5pm for their Annual Louis Riel Day Banquet at the Trail United Church Hall.
For more, please contact Myrt Servatius or call (250) 368-8561.

Questions regarding Region 2 Louis Riel Day event please contact: Alena McInroy 604-378-0555

  Join North Island Metis Association for their Louis Riel Celebration on Sunday Nov 19th.  Time: 1pm-5pm. Bison And Salmon Dinner, Family funny with Story telling, fiddle music, face painting, magic show and soap making.  Fun for all and all are welcome!
Join the Nicola Valley & District Métis Society for their Louis Riel Day dinner & celebration on November 26, 2017 at 6pm at the Conayt Friendship Center. 

If you know of a Louis Riel Day event happening in your community and you would like MNBC to help promote it please email MNBC Communications.