Highlights of MNBC’s 2019 Governing Assembly

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Surrey, BC [March 27, 2019] – Leaders of Métis Nation British Columbia assembled in Richmond, BC, from March 22nd-24th, for the Nation's 2019 Métis Nation Governing Assembly (MNGA). 

The Legislative members in attendance consisted of the MNBC Board of Directors and leaders from the thirty-eight (38) MNBC Chartered Communities across the province.  Also in attendance were respected elders, veterans, woman, youth, BCMANR Captains of the Hunt, Senators, staff, guests and friends of the Nation. 

The MNGA began on Friday afternoon with the traditional ceremonies of the Grand Entry.  Leading the procession were Caren Nagao, President of the Columbia Valley Metis Society, and Drew Nagao, Regional Metis Youth BC Representative for the Kootenays, followed by one of our Nation's most accomplished fiddler's, Keith Hill, and guitarist and the Northwest BCMANR Captain, Rene Lucier.  Leading the honour guard were Metis Veterans-BC, Sergent at Arms, Frazer MacDonald, Dave Armitt, Barbara Hulme, Tom Adams, Don Caitling, Eleanor Creighton, Eldon Clairmont and Earl Henderson.  Métis youth, Madesyn Thompson led the Assembly in the singing of the Canadian National Anthem, followed by a recording of the Métis Anthem.

Senators and Elders, Betty Hoogendorn and Philip Gladue opened the MNGA with a prayer in both English and Cree/Michif. 

MNBC President, Clara Morin Dal Col, and Vice President, Lissa Smith, provided opening comments, while dignitaries brought their impassioned greetings and updates from across our homeland.  Métis Nation of Saskatchewan (MN-S) President, Glen McCallum, Métis National Council (MNC) President, Clément Chartier, and MNC’s Vice President and Manitoba Métis Federation (MMF) President, David Chartrand, each spoke to their respective National portfolios. MNC’s President and Vice President highlighted the benefits for Métis from the 2019 Federal Budget, especially in the housing sector. They also noted the exciting announcement of significant future funding to Métis Nation BC, and underlined the importance of Nation building. 

After the opening comments, Métis Nation BC and Island Health signed a Letter of Understanding (LOU), which outlines a framework in which both parties will work together to increase MNBC’s influence in decision making related to health services that impact Métis individuals, families and communities within the Island Health region. 

Will Goodon, from Manitoba Métis Federation, was nominated and acclaimed as this year’s official Speaker. MNBC Staff member, Chris Gall, was appointed Clerk by the MNBC Board of Directors.

On Saturday, March 23rd, the new community, River of the Peace Métis Society, in Hudson Hope, was realized by the unanimous vote of the Legislative Assembly as MNBC’s 39th official Chartered Community. 

Regional Director, Walter Mineault, announced, “it makes me very proud and honoured to welcome this community as an official Chartered Community. This community has worked so hard to accomplish this, and they deserve this recognition and community status within our Nation.”

President Morin Dal Col commented, “I want to extend a warm welcome to this community and acknowledge Hudson Hope for the work they have put into accomplishing their community status. It gives me great pleasure to welcome this community into our Métis Nation”.

Senator Alan Edkins, administered the Oath of Office to the representative of the new Charter’s Vice-President, Ramona West.

The meeting and business of the MNGA was a great success.  There were several resolutions presented for first reading, and meaningful dialogue and deliberation of each resolution considered and voted on. Three resolutions were tabled for the 2020 MNGA, and others passed to move forward for second reading and final consideration at the 2019 Annual General Assembly (AGM). 

Annual Reports of the MNBC Board of Directors, Executive, Ministry, Senate and Chartered Communities were provided to each of the members and highlighted the 2018-2019 fiscal year activities, milestones and future opportunities.  

In closing ceremonies, President Clara Morin Dal Col thanked all members of the Governing Assembly for taking time from their families and busy lives to be a part of the very important democratic process of the Métis Nation. She noted, “The work that is done here in this Assembly is done on behalf of all Métis people in British Columbia - our Citizens, Community members and all Métis people in our province.” She added, “your guidance and valuable input into the governance and legislative process of the Nation is a critical piece towards self-government.”

Wrapping up her comments, the President expressed her thanks and appreciation to all of the MNBC staff for their hard work and dedication in helping to make this 2019 Métis Nation Governing Assembly a success.

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Additional highlights:

  • MNGA reception featuring BC’s incredibly talented Métis musicians, featuring accomplished fiddlers, Raynie Gervais, Aimée Fauteux and father Phil Fauteux on guitar
  • MNGA banquet dinner featuring the incredible talent of the Mike Sanyshyn Trio
  • Birthday celebration for Senator Betty Hoogendorn
  • MNBC Ministry of Health Signing of Letter of Understanding with Island Health


Our Thanks:

A very special thank you to the following:

  • Métis National Council - President Clément Chartier
  • Manitoba Metis Federation – President David Chartrand
  • Metis Nation – Saskatchewan President Glen McCallum and Vice President Gerald Morin
  • MNBC – Board of Directors,
  • MNBC Chartered Communities
  • MNBC Veterans (MVBC), Elders, Senate, Women (MW-BC), Métis Youth BC (MYBC), BCMANR and Staff
  • MNGA Emcee Colette Trudeau, MNBC Director of Operations
  • Raynie Gervais, Keith Hill, Drew and Caren Nagao
  • Island Health Board and Staff
  • Photographer for signing – Ann Marie Sorvin, VIHA
  • Hilton Vancouver Airport Richmond Hotel - staff, chefs, and management team for always going above and beyond to making us feel at home and assisting in the success of our MNGA.


The Métis Nation British Columbia (MNBC) represents nearly 90,000 self-identified Métis people in British Columbia; of that, 18,500 are provincially registered Métis Citizens with MNBC.  The Métis National Council and the Provincial Government of British Columbia, as well as the Federal Government of Canada, recognizes the MNBC as the official governing organization for Métis in BC.