Happy International Women's Day

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Today we honour all Women on International Women's Day.

We remember those Women who came before us and blazed the path for our Women who have rose and still stand up up against adversity, discrimination, supression, abuse and inequality among the many challenges our Women have faced throughout the begining of time.

We raise our hands to our Women who teach us and guide us in their roles as Elders, grandmothers, mothers, aunties, sisters, youth and girls. We honour those who lead in our communities and give back through endless volunteer hours for the benefit of others.  Our work would not be possible without them.  We celebrate our Women and our Youth, in their economic and political achievements and in their cultural and social roles and responsibilities.

Today and everyday, we honour them.

Happy International Women's Day to all Women of all walks, everywhere!

~ MNBC President, Clara Morin Dal Col

~ MNBC Provincial Chair for Métis Women-BC, Victoria Pruden