Discussions on Mental Health and Addictions for Métis continue between MNBC and BC Government

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MNBC’s Minister of Health, Susie Hooper met with Minister Judy Darcy and her Mental Health and Addictions team members to discuss the work we undertook together in the summer and fall of 2018 and our shared vision for the year ahead. Five Recommendations were shared with Minister Darcy from the multiple conversations on mental health and addictions that were hosted across the province. The full report and findings of our multiple sessions will be made available January 30th, 2019.

Photo: (l-r) MNBC Director of Operations Colette Trudeau, Minister of Mental Health & Addictions Judy Darcy, MNBC Health Minister Susie Hooper, MNBC Health Director Tanya Davoren, Lynne Belle-Isle Senior Policy Analyst, Indigenous Wellness and Partnerships, and Lori MacKenzie, Executive Director, Strategic Planning.

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