Crisis on Campus - SFU Dialogue

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Simon Fraser University's Semester in Dialogue program.

You are invited to a public dialogue event called "Crisis on Campus".  This dialogue is focused on mental health services on post-secondary campuses.

When: March 27, 2018 from 12pm - 4pm, lunch provided

Where: Roundhouse Community Centre

Cost: Free

RSVP on by March 19

The dialogue will explore the current state of student mental health, existing programs and strategies, and future initiatives. Participants will come from the many post-secondary institutions in the Greater Vancouver region, and will include students, frontline health workers, wellness leaders, academics and staff from campus health services.

The dialogue will inform a report with the major themes and ideas that surfaced. This report will be accessible to universities and government policy decision makers and all participants to use as a source of inspiration for improving mental health on campuses.

Comms Kit - Crisis on Campus - External.docx copy.pdf