A Message from the Ministry of Métis Women-BC on International Day

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Dear Metis Friends and Family,

Today, on International Women’s Day, we have an opportunity to reflect about issues important to Métis women and their families and communities. Issues that impact all of us like women’s safety, health, opportunities for women and girls in education and employment, as well as our desire for a world that offers equal opportunities to our Métis girls and boys. A delegation of Métis women had the opportunity over the past 3 days to engage in dialo...gue with Provincial and Federal Officials about issues like these, and compiled a series of recommendations about political, social, and economic approaches to support Métis women and their families, as well as the Métis Nation in general. We look forward to sharing some of those ideas with you at the upcoming Métis Nation General Assembly in our report out on the Women’s Ministry.

On behalf of our Métis Women’s Regional Representatives and Chairperson, we want to share our message that today we are honoring all the strong women in our communities and nation, and to remind you that each and every one of you is valued.

In Metis Sisterhood,

Nancy Larkin – Vancouver Island, Lee Fraser – Lower Mainland, Cheryl Dodman – Thompson Okanagan, Wendy Schneider - Kootenays, Dawna Lee Short – North Central, Alicia Fernando - Northwest, Gladys Ingram – Northeast and
Victoria Pruden, Provincial Métis Women’s Chairperson
Métis Women of British Columbia