A Fathers Day Message from MNBC

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On Father's Day, we recognize and celebrate our fathers and father figures who give of themselves everyday to provide, protect, and teach our children how to be respectful, independent, and hardworking adults and partners to those we honour and love.  

Fathers come in all shapes and sizes and from all means; not all are by birth and some inherit this very important role, with their presence and words filling a special place in our hearts to carry us forward and guide us through the rest of our lives. Fathers remain a gift and we cherish them for who they are.

We aspire to match their strength and resilience. We adore the security, and stability they provide and if we are lucky enough, we all live to grow old with them by our side. 

Whether past or present, we honour and recognize this day of Fathers everywhere!  

Happy Father's Day to Fathers both past and present, from all of us at MNBC!

~ President Clara Morin Dal Col