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MYBC and Ministry of Youth

The MNBC Ministry of Youth (MOY), works in partnership with the Métis Youth British Columbia (MYBC) Committee who is a democratically elected and volunteer-driven governing body that represents and advocates on behalf of Métis youth at the community, provincial, and national level. MYBC has established a governance structure that is unique and exceptional in its nature. The information provided by MYBC influences The Ministry of Youth (MOY) program and event planning, which MOY staff coordinates and oversees to support Métis Youth. These two entities work closely together to ensure that Métis Youth needs are addressed, and that youth are involved and engaged in all levels of governance, both within and outside of the Métis Nation British Columbia. The MOY mandate is to provide B.C. Métis Youth 15-30 years old with culturally relevant programs and events, to revitalize and ensure the longevity of Métis culture and community.


Métis Youth British Columbia (MYBC) is composed of seven (7) Regional Youth Representatives and one (1) Provincial Youth Chairperson; the members of the Committee are elected by Métis youth in their regions. From these eight (8) positions, an Executive is formed.

The Provincial Youth Chairperson holds a voting seat on the MNBC Board of Directors and is the Minister Responsible for Youth (and any other Ministry appointed by the President of MNBC). As political representatives for MYBC, the seven elected members that represent each Region work with their respective Community Youth Representatives to ensure MYBC stays connected with the needs of youth across the province.

MYBC strives to inspire and empower all Métis youth to proudly own their gifts, talents, and important cultural heritage. MYBC provides Youth with the opportunity to become the leaders of today and tomorrow to build a proud, self-governing, and sustainable Métis Nation.

The seven Regions represented by the MYBC Committee of Representatives include:

  • Region 1: Vancouver Island
  • Region 2: Lower Mainland
  • Region 3: Thompson/Okanagan
  • Region 4: Kootenays
  • Region 5: North Central
  • Region 6: North West
  • Region 7: Northeast

Provincial Métis Youth Forum

The Annual Forum to date has brought together over 70 Métis Youth delegates, as well as chaperones, Elders and various facilitators. The Forum provides opportunities for Métis Youth to network with other Youth from across the province while learning more about their Métis culture and engaging in various workshops.

The Proud of Our Skills – A Métis Youth Forum, took place from February 5th to 8th, 2016 in Parksville, BC
Embracing Our Future– A Métis Youth Forum, took place from November 18th-21st, 2016 in West Kelowna, BC
Revitalizing Our Culture (ROC) Youth Forum, took place from October 27th- 30th, 2017 in Campbell River, BC
Revitalizing Our Culture (ROC) Youth Forum, taking place from August 19th- 22nd, 2018 in Campbell River, BC

The overall goal of the Forum is to enhance each attendee’s leadership and employment skills and offers Youth delegates the opportunity to learn more about themselves and their culture. Past workshops have included- An Introduction to Culinary Arts, the FirstHost Tourism Program, Building Skills for Self-Awareness, Managing Conflict, First Aid CPR Level C, Finding Work in the 21st Century, Healthy Eating 101, Miyo Machihowin: Good Health, as well as a variety of cultural workshops like Ask an Elder, bead looming, porcupine quilling and more.

Métis Community Support Worker (MCSW) Program

MNBC’s Ministry of Youth is excited to begin the Métis Community Support Worker (MCSW) Program at the University of the Fraser Valley. We have an incredible cohort of 18 Métis learners who are dedicated to creating a brighter future for themselves, their families and their community. This program will help Métis participants get the skills and knowledge they need to find secure and meaningful employment, while giving back to their community,

The program will help students complete their adult upgrading and post-secondary courses, leading to a certificate as a social and community support worker. Students will benefit from a full range of educational and wraparound services, including cultural elements and Elder supports, to ensure student success.

The MCSW Program funding is provided by the Province of British Columbia and the Government of Canada, through the Canada-British Columbia Job Fund.

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Unified Aboriginal Youth Collective

The Unified Aboriginal Youth Collective (UAYC) is a consortium of Aboriginal youth representative bodies and organizations in British Columbia. The purpose of the UAYC is to unify the diverse groups of Aboriginal youth in British Columbia to establish a common voice. Current members of the UAYC include: BC Association of Aboriginal Friendship Centres – Provincial Aboriginal Youth Council (PAYC); BC Assembly of First Nations; First Nations Youth Council of BC Association; and Métis Nation British Columbia – Métis Youth British Columbia (MYBC)

The UAYC’s objectives are to build positive relationships among BC Aboriginal groups; support and create opportunities to develop and enhance Aboriginal youth leadership; advocate for youth representation and participation within the Province of British Columbia; represent Aboriginal youth voices in a working relationship with governing bodies in areas of legislation, policy, initiatives, programs, and services; and increase and support capacity for the continued growth of Aboriginal youth initiatives, leadership and institutions of governance.

Sashing our Warriors

Métis Nation BC’s Ministry of Youth and Ministry of Women collaborated on the grassroots movement’s calling attention to the impacts of violence against Métis Women and Girls.

Sashing Our Warriors is a holistic grassroots campaign that was created to educate and help communities to gain awareness of the need to prevent further violence against Métis women and girls. The campaign will support individuals and the community to heal and rebuild as a whole through a sashing ceremony representative of the Métis culture.

By wearing your Warrior sash, you commit to honouring, respecting and protecting the Métis women and girls in your life.

Megenta: Respecting and honouring our ancestors and life-givers provides strength and comfort.
Pink: Promising to protect, love and nurture the women and girls in our lives.
Black: Warriors taking a stand to prevent violence against women and girls.
White: Connecting to the earth and our creator.

Each card includes two lapel sashes so that each individual can wear one as well as gift one to another Warrior in an effort to recognize them for their contributions to end violence against women and girls.

MY TRUexperience

#MYTRUExperience: Métis Youth Career Days is a collaborative program that is designed to increase Métis youth awareness of post-secondary programs. This event provided opportunities for twenty-two (22) Métis youth to gain insight into the different career pathways, and to network with the Métis community and learn about their culture

While at the event, Métis youth participants were encouraged to:
– Create a wellness plan with Métis professor, Dr. Natalie Clark, and learn more about the Faculty of Education and Social Work;
– Decorate a delicious treat in a commercial kitchen and learn more about the Faculty of Adventure, Culinary Arts, and Tourism;
– Listen to a presentation on ‘Resilient Métis Women: The Arts and Métis Reconciliation’ shared by Keynote Speaker and Métis Artist/Author, Leah Dorion;
– Learn to jig with Métis Elders while dancing to a live fiddler band;
– Participate in hands-on piping trades activities and learn more about the School of Trades and Technology;
– Recreate the salmon tagging and tracking process in Kenna Cartwright Park using Radio Telemetry practices;
– Partake in a Métis Elder-led Sashing Ceremony to honor their initial steps towards post-secondary education; and
– Enjoy a jigging performance put on by the Buffalo Gals who also offered youth another incredible opportunity to learn more jigging steps.

Resources for LGBTQ2+ Youth

Qmmunity- BC’s Queer, Trans, and Two-Spirit Resource Centre

Queer Competency Training-

Within the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, section 15 states that every individual is to be considered equal regardless of religion, race, national or ethnic origin, colour, sex, age or physical or mental disability.

Here to Help

Pflag Canada- is a national charitable organization, founded by parents who wished to help themselves and their family members understand and accept their LGBTQ2S children.

Job Search Resources

The Métis Nation British Columbia administers the Métis Employment & Training Program (METP) to improve the employment potential, earning capacity, and self-sufficiency of Métis people in BC.

Young Women in Business BC is a central forum connecting ambitious, like-minded women across educational fields, careers, and industries.

If you are considering a trade, explore ITA’S Aboriginal Initiatives support. From carpenter, mechanic, electrician or welder to baker or arborist, ITA manages over 100 trade programs in B.C.

Use BC’s Career Guide for Aboriginal People to support your career-planning journey, all the way from exploration to success on the job. The Guide offers information on career exploration, skills training, education and funding support, and how to connect to employers. Explore 500 career profiles and get all the details you need, from job duties and wages to projected demand in your region.

Futurpreneur Canada has been fueling the entrepreneurial passions of Canada’s young enterprise for nearly two decades. They are the only national, non-profit organization that provides financing; mentoring and support tools to aspiring business owners aged 18-39. Our internationally recognized mentoring program hand matches young entrepreneurs with a business expert from a network of more than 2,800 volunteer mentors.

Aboriginal BEST is for Aboriginal, Métis, and Inuit, status or not, who are interested in becoming self-employed or starting their own business. Aboriginal BEST benefits people in all stages of business development who want to turn their dreams into reality.

If you’re interested in self-employment, BDC Entrepreneurial Potential Self-Assessment works to find your fit for entrepreneurship.

Resume & Cover Letter Resources

A resume is a personal marketing tool used to show interest in a job, internship or post-secondary school. Your resume should speak to the specific position or industry you are seeking. In many cases, it is appropriate to create multiple resumes to target different career objectives. The purpose of a cover letter is to communicate to a potential employer why you are the best candidate for the position based on your skills, education, and experience. While not always required, including a well-written cover letter is a great way to stand out from the rest.

Please use the resources below as you build a resume and cover letter that effectively markets your strongest skills and qualifications.

Work BC
Work BC offers tips on building a good resume and an online tool builder which will help you write your resume step-by-step.

BC Jobs
BC Jobs has listings and support information to help you make an informed decision about your career.

Government of Canada
The Government of Canada’s Youth page is focused on helping you in the Canadian job market both today and in the future.

Canada Jobs
Canada Jobs is a repository of employment information, including guidance on receiving in-person help in your job hunt.

Métis Nation British Columbia A.S.E.T.S. Funding Programs

– Individual Training is available to clients who are either unemployed or underemployed. Under-employed means the client is required to upgrade their skills in order to maintain their employment (specialized certificates, forklift training, etc.). We are able to fund course fees, tuition, books, supplies, equipment, and in some situations travel and living allowances. We are able to cover short courses, apprenticeships, diplomas & certificate programs and the final two years of a bachelors’ degree.

– Targeted Wage Subsidy (TWS) is designed to provide training and work experience that can lead to long-term employment. The goal is to financially assist the employer while the client is receiving on-the-job training and mentoring. We are able to fund up to 50% of the client’s wages up to a maximum of $8.00 per hour for a period of six (6) months.

– Career Placement Work Experience Program (CPWEP) is available to provide a practicum-based initial work placement with salary and support for the client. This program is designed for the client with minimal or no experience in the field. The goal is for the client to gain experience and develop transferable skills. We are able to fund the client’s wages and mandatory employment-related costs for up to six (6) months.

– Employment Supports Program (ESP) is for the unemployed client who has a job offer but needs one-way transportation to the job, work clothing or tools. We are able to fund the client one time up to $1,000 for this program.

Métis Employment & Training Program Regional Offices

To access this funding, please contact one of our seven regional offices or call our provincial office at 1-800-940-1150 for further information.



A trade apprenticeship is how you gain the knowledge and skills you need for a career in your trade. Most apprenticeships take about four years to complete: you’ll spend approximately six to eight weeks per year in the classroom or shop learning from an instructor. The rest of the year, you’ll earn while you learn, working on a job site alongside experienced tradespeople and getting paid to do it.

Wondering what to do after you graduate?

Maybe one of British Columbia’s 100 apprenticeable trades is right for you. ITA’s Youth Programs give you the chance to try out different trades and get a head start on an apprenticeship while you’re still in high school. You could be earning a paycheque and building your skills—in the classroom and on the job—before you even graduate.

Once you leave high school, ITA will be there to guide you through the rest of the post-secondary education and training you need to earn your trade certification and become a “ticketed” tradesperson. Getting your ticket is the best way to prove your skills and rise to the top of your profession.

Learn more about apprenticeships and ITA Programs in your area by viewing

How to find Grants, Bursaries & Scholarships

Information on policy issues, facts and stats on Canadian universities as well as scholarships and programs –

BC Association of Aboriginal Friendship Centres under Programs and First Citizen Fund –

Indspire is an Indigenous-led registered charity that invests in the education of Indigenous people –

Irving K. barber scholarship for Aboriginal students –

Your college or university

Be sure to check the website of your college or university to see if your school offers any grants, bursaries or scholarships that you might qualify for. As an incentive for students to succeed academically, many universities will offer automatic scholarships for various amounts if you maintain a certain grade level. Generally, the higher your grades, the more money you will receive.


Some employers offer bursaries, check if you are eligible for any offered by your parents’ employer or your own.

The Jig Is Up – The Ultimate Métis Youth ‘Adulting’ Resource Guide

The Jig Is Up – The Ultimate Métis Youth ‘Adulting’ Resource Guide is an initiative of Métis Nation British Columbia’s (MNBC) Ministry of Youth, which strives to provide culturally relevant programs and services for Métis Youth across BC.

The information provided should be used as a guide only, as we acknowledge information is always being updated and changed when it comes to British Columbia’s youth-oriented resources.

Métis-specific information that supports the present and future success of Métis youth can be challenging to find. Métis youth must determine what careers are available, what their interests are, and what skills they have or need to develop. This Resource Guide provides information about Métis culture, career planning, budgeting, healthy living, and other resources available for Métis Youth in British Columbia; it offers a wide range of practical information, tips and checklists to support Métis youth to discover and plan their life paths.

The MNBC Ministry of Youth gratefully recognizes the financial contribution of Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada in developing this Métis Youth Resource Guide.

For any questions about this publication or to contact the MNBC Ministry of Youth, please visit our websites at and or call Métis Nation British Columbia toll-free at 1-800-940-1150

Free Download Available here:

Pride Event

Join the Ministry of Youth at Métis Nation BC for an inclusive,  celebratory,  PRIDE EVENT from 2:00 – 4:00 pm on Saturday, August 1st for 2SLGBTQ+ (Two-spirit (2S), lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer, and/or non-binary). Allies and citizens of all ages are welcome to attend. Drop-in and virtually share your PRIDE by sharing a message, poem, music, or artwork. In celebration, we will be pulling prizes for virtual participants.

Guests include:

  • Métis Two-Spirit Elder, Charlotte Nolin
  • Qmunity
  • Youth’s Region 4 Representative, Drew Nagao
2:00 – 2:10 Welcoming and Zoom housekeeping

·         Acknowledgement of land

·         Prayer with Elder

2:10 – 2:30 Smart Terms with Qmunity
2:30 – 2:40 Pride Participation Interaction
2:40 – 3:00 MMF’s Two Spirit Local
3:00 – 3:15 Pride Participation Interaction
3:15 – 3:20 MYBC 2SLGBTQ+ Working Group
3:20 – 3:40 Pride Participation Interaction
3:40 – 4:00 Closing

In an effort to provide a safe event space, pre-registration is required for this event.

*Registration is through EventBrite and the Zoom link and code will be mailed out the day before the event. *

To participate in the PRIDE PRIZE DRAW simply turn on your camera and we will call on you in the chat. Once called, turn on your mike to share something with the viewers and we will pull a Prize. Prizes include jewellery, books, mugs, gift cards, bags, art pieces, colouring books, etc.

On Zoom, attendees are recommended to edit their name and add pronouns to be more inclusive. Ie. Paris (She/Her) for this event.
To register please email Paris Grover at

Métis Cooking Event

If you are Métis between the ages of 15 – 30, join us, the Ministry of Youth at Métis Nation BC for our interactive Virtual Cooking Event live from 3:30 – 5:00 pm on Sunday July 12, 2020.

16 spots are available for Youth to join the captivating Jordan Waunch as he walks you through how to make a traditional Metis dish- a Tourtiere! There will also be lots of chances to win great prizes on Métis trivia questions! This free event is for our Youth to connect with their culture, meet and network with other Métis youth from across the province and have an opportunity to participate in fun cultural activities. All Métis Youth are welcomed and encouraged to attend.

Registry is through EventBrite. If you are unable to attend or participate, please let us know as soon as possible so that we may open up a seat to another Youth.

The Zoom code and required ingredients list will be emailed to registered participants 4 days prior.

If space is unavailable, join the waiting list by emailing Paris at the Ministry of Youth at Seats will be held in a first come, first serve basis

My Eco Action Program

The Ministry of Youth presents MY Eco Action! The goal of this program is to establish and maintain meaningful relationships with all Indigenous and non-Indigenous youth. Youth will have the opportunity to learn how to become supporters and advocates in Reconciliation through cultural land-based perspectives.

All participants will have the opportunity to connect with Métis Elders and Knowledge Keepers while learning the traditional ways of the land. Youth participants will identify what meaningful land-based service opportunities look like.

Youth who complete the 120 hours of required service through land-based volunteering, will be eligible to attend the all-expenses paid trip to Winnipeg for Louis Riel Day Celebrations in February 2021. Youth will also have the opportunity to attend the Closing Ceremony hosted in Surrey, March 2021. Last day to register will be July 19th!