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The Métis Women of British Columbia are focused on empowering Métis Women to fulfill their potentials in all aspects of their lives: physical health and well-being, cultural connection, community involvement, family well-being, education, and economic security. The Métis Women of British Columbia are entrusted to enhance and empower the rights of Métis Women and to ensure that Métis Women’s voices and political representation are prioritized at the community, regional, provincial and national level.

What is MWBC?

MWBC aims to provide direct support to women whenever possible, through hosting gatherings, training and cultural events for Métis women. MWBC aims to represent Métis women and their voices at the provincial level to ensure their voices are heard and uplifted.

Métis Women British Columbia (MWBC) is a governance arm of the Métis Nation of British Columbia (MNBC). It is made up of community women’s representatives from each of the MNBC Chartered Communities, one elected regional women’s representative from each of the seven regions and a provincially elected chairperson. The elected representatives and chairperson make up the MWBC Provincial Council.

Who are the MWBC Provincial Council members?

All members of the Provincial Women’s Council come from the Métis Chartered Communities and seven regions around the province.

In 2020, Dr. Kate Elliott was elected as Chair of the Provincial Women’s Council. She is also the Minister of Women and Gender Equality.

What role do Métis women play in Métis culture?

Women are highly valued in Métis culture, which is often described as matriarchal. Women have always had important and distinct roles in Métis society, and are seen as keepers of the land and culture. Métis historian, Dr. Fred Shore explains the role of Métis women throughout history in his book, Threads in the Sash: The Story of the Métis People, saying:

“Métis women were an intrinsic part of the Métis world, and were not relegated to a subservient role, something they never would have tolerated. As the Nation developed, women’s roles developed equally with the men. More importantly, the extended family became the basic building block of the Nation, and in this way, women played a major role in the development of the Nation, since they were essentially the managers of the extended families. Through the women, the extended families became the source of wealth, honour, status and resources.”

As leaders in their families and communities, Métis women have always made a vital contribution to Métis society.

MWBC Guiding Principles

MWBC exists to support Métis women. In engagement sessions with women across BC, we’ve heard that women want four things from us: 

1.GATHERING: Create opportunities for Métis women to meet together and connect with each other while celebrating our culture 

2.LEARNING: Support Métis women to gain new skills and abilities to contribute to their communities 

3.SUPPORT: Provide Métis women with tools and resources that support them in their roles as leaders 

4.ENGAGEMENT: Create opportunities for Métis women to have their voices heard in decisions that impact them 

These guiding principles address all four strands of our work and create the foundation for everything that we do. 

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