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About Us

Métis Nation British Columbia was first incorporated in 1996 as the Métis Provincial Council of  British Columbia (MPBC). In 2003 the Métis leadership ratified the Métis Nation British Columbia Constitution thereby establishing a new Métis Nation governing structure. Since 2003 the Métis Nation British Columbia leadership has implemented a number of institutions of governance such as the Senate, Métis Nation Governing Assembly, Métis Youth governing committee, Métis Women’s governing committee, Métis Veterans committee and the British Columbia Métis Assembly of Natural Resources as well as an objectively verifiable provincial citizenship process and central registry.

In September of 2010, the membership of the MNBC Annual General Assembly (AGM) ratified the first Métis Veterans Act in the history of our BC Métis Nation, enacting legislation to govern Métis Veterans in BC and to establish guidelines and principals within policies and procedures of the Veterans committee.

Today, the Métis Veterans of BC consist of a Veterans Chair, Membership Clerk, Sargent at Arms, and seven (7) regional representatives.

The MVBC is represented on a political level by the Minister of Métis Veterans, Lissa Smith.

Veterans Committee

The Métis Veterans Committee will work with the MNBC Board of Directors and the Métis Nation Governance structure to support Métis veterans in British Columbia. The committee will establish a communications plan and identify the ceremonial role of Métis veterans in the Regional Governance Councils, Métis Nation Governing Assembly, MNBC Annual General Meetings, and other forums as mutually agreed with the MNBC Minister Responsible for Veterans. The committee will also work to support a uniform Métis identification process and establish representation requirements regarding Métis veterans in British Columbia.


Standing Committee:

  • To identify opportunities associated for Métis veterans including public awareness, education, and Métis cultural recognition
  • To identify Métis veterans programs that can be implemented to support the work of the committee
  • To define a Métis veterans identification process
  • To support Métis veterans communications through email, MNBC website, Kiwetin Magazine, and other means as required by the committee
  • To participate in Métis Nation British Columbia governance including the role of ‘Dumont Scouts’ for provincial level meetings
  • To organize and assemble MNBC Flag Parties as required
  • To develop a Métis veteran’s membership system and governance structure that can provide democratic representation with the MNBC seven Regions.

Métis Nation British Columbia:

  • To provide administrative and negotiating support in the development and implementation of committee work plans and budgets on an annual basis
  • Will support the facilitation of constructive Métis cultural relationships to all potential partners
  • Create linkages to the Métis community and Métis services available throughout British Columbia
  • Promote Métis veteran awareness and education
  • Invite the committee chairperson to the MNBC Board of Director meetings to update the MNBC Board of Directors with the MNBC Minister Responsible for Veterans when required.

Are you a Veteran, do you know a Veteran?

In September 2017 the Federal Government announced that Métis Veterans that served in World War 2 (WWII) may not have received a demobilization package when they returned home. The demobilization package was not offered to Indians and non-status Indians (now First Nations, Inuit and Métis Veterans), an injustice to of the service aboriginal Veterans. The Federal Government has announced that it is working on a compensation package for WWII Métis Veterans.

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In April 2017, the Government of Canada and the Métis Nation signed a permanent bi-lateral agreement, called the Canada- Métis Nation accord. At that time President of the Métis National Council spoke about the need to address, in a timely manner, the recognition of Métis Veterans who served our great country and reconciling the longstanding grievance of the Métis Veterans in relation to their claim for compensation for Post-World war II benefits.

Several years ago, First Nations Veterans took up the cause for themselves and were successful. A group of Métis Veterans from the prairies took up the same cause but as Métis Veterans were not First Nations, their efforts did not yield positive results. With the success of the Daniels Decision, the Federal Government has now agreed that the injustice to the service of Métis Veterans from WWII, had to be righted. The Federal Government has announced that it is going to award a compensation package to WWII Métis Veterans. That said, MV-BC is looking to collect the names of those WWII Métis Veterans in British Columbia. Realizing that many of the WWII Métis Veterans may have passed on, we would still like to collect this valuable information as surviving family members of the WWII Métis Veterans may also be eligible for a compensation package due to the Métis Veterans passing. We want to do the best for our Métis Veterans, honoring their service to our country.


Veterans Minister Lissa Smith with Veterans Barb Hulme, Eleanor and Veterans Chair Dave Armitt had the attended the Raven Program 2018 Graduation in Victoria on November 19 for the 2018 Graduating Class. There were 5 Métis grads (one from the Principality of Monaco). Métis Veterans of BC had the honour of sashing these distinguished Métis students.

Highlights: Raven Grad 2018 Album


Métis Veterans 2017: 100th Anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge 1917-2017 (Video)

PDF Links

Métis Nation Veterans of BC Member Application
Métis Nation Veterans of BC Associate Application
MNBC Métis Veterans Act

External Resources

Pension for life – Veterans Affairs Canada

Financial security supports overall well-being. Pension for Life for Veterans improves how Veterans can receive key financial benefits.

Veterans Affairs Canada has announced the New Pension For Life for Veterans. Are you receiving a pension or a Disability Award from Veterans Affairs Canada for injuries related to your Military service, or are you contemplating applying for compensation for injuries related to your service? Then you should find out more about the New Pension For Life.

Aboriginal Veterans Tribute Site

A tribute to Canada’s Aboriginal Veterans. Photos, stories, link to web-based lists of more than 6,600 Aboriginal Veterans from across Canada.

Veterans Affairs Canada

Veterans Affairs Canada deeply values the contribution that Veterans have made to the development of our nation and we honour the sacrifices they have made in the defence of freedom and the pursuit of world peace. In expressing Canada’s gratitude to them, we strive to exemplify many of the same principles which they represent – integrity, respect, service and commitment, accountability, and teamwork.

To Learn More please click on the hyperlink titled “Veterans Affairs Canada”

MY VAC Account – http://www.veterans.gc.ca/myvacaccount

Veterans – Service Canada

Services for Veterans and their families

Veterans and their families can visit any Service Canada office to receive the following Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) services:

To Learn More please click on the hyperlink titled “Veterans-Service Canada”.

Honour House Society

Honour House Society is a refuge, a home away from home for Canadian Forces personnel, emergency services personnel and their families to stay, completely free of charge, while they are receiving medical care and treatment in the Metro Vancouver area.

These brave individuals, along with their families, sacrifice so much on a daily basis to protect our freedom and our everyday way of life. Honour House allows us the opportunity to show them that we care and how much we appreciate all that they do.

Located on a quiet tree-lined street in New Westminster, Honour House is a beautiful, fully renovated heritage home with 10 private bedrooms each with its own en-suite bathroom. The house has a large shared kitchen, living room, a media room, sun rooms and many other common spaces. The house is fully modernized and wheelchair accessible and is set in its own extensive and lovingly maintained grounds.

Honour house receives no direct funding and raises all of its operating costs through donations and fundraising. The house has one full time and one part time member of staff. Almost all of the work needed to keep Honour House running is carried out by our dedicated board of directors and our hard working team of volunteers.

To find out what we’ve been up to recently please read our most recent Newsletter:

Honour House Spring Newsletter 2016

To Learn More about Honour House Society please click on the hyperlink entitled “Honour House”.

Military Service Personnel Baggage Allowance

Are you planning the vacation of your dreams this summer but can’t seem to cram all your belongings in one suitcase? Well, not to worry because if you’re travelling via Air Canada or WestJet, former and currently serving Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) members are entitled to extra baggage allowance.

When flying Air Canada, Air Canada Rouge or Air Canada Express, veterans, CAF members, and U.S. military members can check up to three pieces of baggage weighing up to 32 kg each.

The offer applies when a member is travelling both on duty and for personal reasons.

The airlines require valid military ID before confirming eligibility. ID must be presented to a customer sales and service agents at the airport. Therefore, self-service check-in does not atomically apply for the increase baggage allowance.

“Eligible members of the military must continue to use self-service (kiosk, web, mobile) however to initiate check-in; baggage tags according to the standard ticket allowance must be printed at an airport kiosk, if available. To obtain baggage tags for any additional baggage over and above the standard ticket allowance up to three pieces, eligible members must proceed to Check-in Assistance at kiosk-equipped stations or Economy Class at non-kiosk stations and present a valid military identification card,” states the Air Canada policy.

When travelling via WestJet, both former and currently serving CAF members are entitled to four pieces of luggage free-of-charge. Those four pieces have a maximum weight limit of 23 kg each.

“We appreciate our Canadian military’s service to our country and our proud to offer this gesture as a token,” said Lauren Stewart, Media Relations WestJet.

Acceptable forms of ID include:

– DND ID card for National Defence (NDI 20)

– Record of Service Card (NDI 75)

– Any Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) Benefit Card

– Discharge Certificate from any branch of the Canadian Military

– Statement of Service from any branch of the Canadian Military

– Certificate of Service (CF 54 or CF 75) from any branch of the Canadian Military

– Valid DND Temporary ID card (NDI 10)

Canadian Forces or Former member CFOne card (with photo ID)

For more information visit Air Canada’s website

Ministry of Veterans BC (MVBC)

Veterans ChairVeteran Dave Armitt

Cell: (250) 792-1070
Skype: dave_away

Veteran Services OfficerVeteran Tom Adams CD

Phone: (250) 702-7144

Veterans Women’s Representative & Interim SecretaryVeteran Barbara Hulme

Phone: (250) 477-6982

Veterans Representative, R1 Vancouver Isl & Powell RiverVeteran Eleanor Creighton

Veterans Representative, R2 Lower Mainland & Sergeant at ArmsVeteran Frazer McDonald

Phone: 604-591-3793
Cell: 604-351-9912

Veterans Representative, R3 Thompson & OkanaganVeteran Eldon Clairmont

Veterans Representative, R5 North CentralVeteran Earl Henderson

Phone: (250) 613-8076

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