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The Métis Nation British Columbia delivers operates the SITÉM Skills Training Program which serves to improve the employment potential, earning capacity and self-sufficiency of Métis people in British Columbia.


The MNBC Ministry of Employment and Training operates a number of key programs and services throughout British Columbia.

Our ministry staff are located in our Surrey headquarters and seven regional offices across the province.

Our mandate is to help improve the employment potential, earning capacity and self-sufficiency of Métis people in British Columbia.

We do this by delivering three key programs which are listed below. If you are a Métis citizen or self-identified Métis you may be eligible to participate in one of our programs listed below.

SITÉM Skills Training Program

Hundreds more Métis citizens across B.C. will gain access to vital skills training and employment readiness programs through SITÉM, an expanded skills training initiative operated by Métis Nation British Columbia (MNBC).

Up to 400 Métis people will have the opportunity to complete the training programs, obtain employment or self-employment, or move onto further education or training. All training must be completed by no later than June 2021.

SITÉM provides skills training and support programs to Métis people in B.C. who are living in chartered Métis communities. The training is strategically designed to best meet community regional demands and focuses on in-demand jobs in construction and business administration. In addition to skills training, SITÉM also provides the necessary wrap around supports such as start-up tools, lunch programs, job coaches, work practicums and much more. 

The comprehensive services provided to Métis citizens through the Initiative are wide ranging. They include:

  • Employment Assistance Services: Personal management skills; pre-employment assessments; job search skills and assistance; employment/career counselling; resume writing assistance; mentoring/coaching and more.
  • Skills Training and Education: Occupational skills training delivered through public or private post-secondary institutions; short duration training certificates/courses; literacy, essential skills and language training, and adult basic education; apprenticeships; etc.
  • Financial Supports enabling program participation: Childcare; transportation; disability supports; lodging; equipment or work gear; course materials; training wages; etc.
  • Employment Experience: Wage subsidies to employers; direct supports to employers to support participant employment (e.g. developing training plans); post-job placement supports such as counselling, coaching and mentoring.

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