Canada Learning Bond

ABout The Canada Learning Bond

The Canada Learning Bond is a grant offered to children from the Government of Canada. Your child would receive an initial $500 to help you start saving for your child’s education after high school. If eligible, your child could receive an additional $100 every year until the age of 15. Which means, your child could receive up to $2000 in a Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP). Even if you apply several years after your child was born, you will still receive the payments owed to your child from past years. 

Is your child eligible? 

Your child is eligible to receive the Canada Learning Bond if he or she: 

• is born January 1, 2004 or later
• has a valid Social Insurance Number
• family’s net income is less than or equal to $48,535 (higher for families with more than 3 children) 

For more information contact:
Donalda Greger, Métis Navigator
Métis Nation British Columbia  
Cell: 604-202-7158 | Email: 

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