MNBC Leadership

Guiding our communities and growth in BC Your Métis leadership

Consists of eleven members. The office for President, Vice President, Women’s Provincial Chair and the Youth Provincial Chair are elected by provincial mail in ballot. There are seven Regional Directors from across the province who are elected within their respective region’s also by mail in ballot. The MNBC Board of Directors serves the Métis People as an elected voice for their respective constituency and the Ministers are responsible for individual or multiple portfolios.

Métis Nation British Columbia cabinet

Vice President Lissa Smith

Provincial Women Minister Dr. Kate Elliott

Provincial Youth Minister Shaughn Davoren

Director, Region 1 – Patrick Harriott

Director, Region 2 – Louis De Jaeger

Director, Region 3 – Dean Gladue

Director, Region 4 – Debra Fisher

Director, Region 5 – Raynie Gervais

Director, Region 6 – Susie Hooper

Director, Region 7 – Paulette Flamond

Our Objectives


  • Lead the building of a strong and proud Métis Nation in the province of British Columbia. Promote the political, social, cultural and economic interests of the Métis Nation, leading to self-sufficiency without dependence on government funding.
  • Establish appropriate relations with Federal, Provincial and Municipal governments, and First Nations, Inuit and other governing members of the Métis Nation, to ensure the appropriate place of Métis people as partners in the Canadian Federation.
  • Ensure the appropriate and effective provision of Métis designed programs and services on behalf of the Métis in British Columbia Métis communities.
  • Seek equality and justice for the legal, constitutional and international rights of the Métis Nation and respect diversity within the Métis Nation.
  • Raise the level of awareness and understanding with governments, educational and other institutions and the general public on Métis history, culture and heritage.

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