What is MéTV?

Through interviews with experts and prominent members of the community, MèTV will break down the issues the Métis Nation faces in British Columbia and educate viewers on the rich culture and history of the Metis people.

Topics of discussions will include the rights of Indigenous people, reconciliation with the Métis community in BC, preservation of culture, education, health & wellness, and more.

MéTV will also take you outside of the studio for a first-hand look at Métis personalities. We will showcase musicians, artists, community leaders and advocates, among others.

We will also visit the 7 regions of Métis Nation BC, exploring the unique communities within each area.

These segments shall highlight specific aspects of Métis language and culture such as food (Pemmican, Bannock and Les Tourtières), Beadwork, Clothing, and Art such as dot painting, and the quintessential Métis jig.

Meet the cast & crew

Host Daniel Fontaine: Deputy Minister & CEO of Métis Nation BC

MéTV air dates

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Episode 1

Join host Daniel Fontaine, roving reporter Sophie Gray and segment host Lisa Shepherd as they introduce you to personalities and prominent people integral to BC’s Métis community.

On this episode, Daniel speaks with Christine Sorenson, head of the BC Nurse’s Union and proud Métis, and Charlene Austin, previously Assistant Deputy Minister of Health Operations for the Government of Nunavut and Indigenous heath specialist, about racism in the health care system and the impact of COVID-19 on Indigenous communities. He also hosts interviews with Lissa Smith, Acting President of MNBC, and Gerry St. Germain, Canada’s first Métis Member of Parliament and Senator, about the state of Indigenous rights in Canada.

Episode 2

On this episode of MéTV, we’ll meet three Chartered Community Presidents from around the province. They’ll discuss COVID-19 in their communities, virtually hosted major events and the volunteers who help keep their communities going over Zoom with Daniel during a panel discussion. Daniel will also introduce you to Susie Hooper, Minister of Post-Secondary Education and Environmental Protection.

Outside the studio, Sophie will meet two young women: a bannock baker donating all proceeds from her Grandfather’s recipe to local charities and a videographer determined to diversify Canada’s film industry. Lisa Shepherd will also meet with Marie, a well-known Métis woman with fascinating stories to tell.

Episode 3

On this episode of MéTV: Musicians Ry Moran and Keith Hill, Métis knowledge keeper Jo-Ina Young, 12-year-old ballerina Lilika, and much more!

Episode 4

In this episode, we feature poet Jónína Kirton, Petty Officer Steve Morrison of the Royal Canadian Navy, instrument maker John Bell and more!

Episode 5

In this episode, we travel to MNBC’s Region 3! Featuring MNBC Regional Director Dean Gladue, Métis Elder and Veteran Barb Hulme, LMO Executive Director Colleen Lucier, and more!

Episode 6

In this episode, we visit cattle rancher Phil Dumont, step into the kitchen with Peggy Olanski, and learn about Awasisak Achakos Head Start with Chantelle Colthorp.

Episode 7

On this episode of MéTV we visit Region 7 and talk to a former STEPS student, meet carver Lottie Kozak, family-owned Kalmar Construction, and mechanic Derek Green.

Episode 8

In this episode of MéTV we travel to Region 4 where we visit Métis artist Kathryn Ruddell, learn about the Fayant’s Métis journey to the Kootenays, and speak with Jodi Bremmer about Métis history. 

Episode 9

On this episode of MéTV we visit silk screening Artist Angela Ross, Columbia Valley Métis Association President Monica Fisher, and the musically talented Jobin Family.

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