Métis Nation British Columbia Awards


The MNBC Annual Awards are a memorable and distinctive way for recognition to those whose lives exemplify excellence and contribution of the highest order. Award recipients are individuals or groups who impact the Nation through their acts and their merit. The MNBC citizens we honour are representative of MNBC’s caring and diverse chartered communities. These awards are given annually through a rigorous selection process and approval by our Cabinet. 

The ceremony will bring together community leaders, Members of the Legislative Assembly, Métis Citizens, and MNBC’s Cabinet in Victoria, BC on May 4, 2022. The deadline to nominate someone is February 28, 2022.

Sponsorship Opportunities for the MNBC Awards and Recognition Gala

Order of the Sash Award

An award that honours and recognizes outstanding contribution, selfless commitment, and service to the Métis Nation. The person who receives the MNBC Order of the Sash has enriched the lives of others through their virtues and their actions. They have demonstrated courage through the extraordinary circumstances they have faced. The Order of the Sash is the highest level of recognition given by our Nation.  

Spirit Award

MNBC is celebrating an individual, group, or organization who demonstrates a determined spirit to inspire their community.  The MNBC Spirit Award recipient (MNBC citizen, group, or organization) has gone over and above to positively inspire and impact an individual or group.  The recipient would be considered a community champion of Métis spirit.  

Culture Champion Award

The MNBC Culture Champion Award is presented to an MNBC citizen who exemplifies Métis culture in their day-to-day lives and promotes Métis culture.  This individual may be but is not limited to an artisan or educator who shares Métis culture within their communities or lives.  The award recipient values the roots and history that have shaped Métis people and shares knowledge for the purpose of building a strong Nation. 

Pishkaymitook  (Caring) Award

The Pishkaymitook (Caring) Award honours an MNBC citizen who has demonstrated commitment to caring. This award is for an individual who has cared selflessly. The award recipient will be known for their compassion while putting their heart and soul into taking care of other individuals, animals, or the environment, whether in a formal or informal caregiving role.

Citizen of the Year Award

The Citizen of the Year Award is for an MNBC citizen who demonstrates and creates all-round chartered community involvement. The award recipient will be recognized for exemplary work in their local chartered communities for the betterment of Métis people. This individual exemplifies the values of Métis people.  This award recognizes an MNBC citizen who enriches and contributes to their chartered community with passion and determination.

Special COVID-19 Support (Wiichihew) Award

The Special COVID-19 Support (Wiichihew) Award is for an MNBC citizen who has gone above and beyond to help an individual or their chartered community during the pandemic. This award recipient will be acknowledged for their contribution to supporting people through COVID relief efforts or the betterment of their chartered community. The award recipient may be a formal or informal caregiver, health care professional, or a chartered community member.