What kind of Opportunities is there for Métis Youth through the MYBC?

• Opportunities for Travel
• Become a Community Youth Representative and Leader
• Exciting Cultural Experiences
• Network with other Metis Youth
• Learn and Develop New Skills
• Shape the Youth opportunities and direction for Métis Youth in BC

What has the MYBC done so far?

• Developed Policies and Procedures
• Developed Roles and Responsibilities
• A voting seat on the MNBC Board of Directors
• Founding member of the United Aboriginal Youth Collective (UAYC) supported through the Ministry of Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation (MARR)
• Signed interagency MOU with UAYC organizations
• Signed MOU with the Ministry of Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliations as a member organization of UAYC
• Developed a LearnMichif.com Website
• Developed social media sites on Facebook and Twitter
• Developing a Youth Distribution List and Database
• Had the Youth Act entrenched in the MNBC Constitution
• Hold voting seat on each Regional Governance Council

What do Regional Youth Representatives do?

• Represent Métis youth at a Regional, Provincial and National Level
• Report on the events that are happening within their region
• Listen to feedback from their regional Metis Chartered Community and report to provincial level
• Attend and report to the Regional Governance Council Meetings, as a voting member
• Be as active within their communities as possible and share information on community events and meetings
• Attend all MYBC Meetings
• Be mentors and leaders

How can I get involved?

Find out who your Regional Youth Representative is by visiting the Ministry of Youth page then go to Contacts and you can send them an e-mail. Join our distribution list! Become your community Youth representative!

How do I get involved as a Métis Youth?

Become your Community Youth Representative! Other way to get involved are by connecting with your Regional Youth Representative by visiting the Ministry of Youth contact page. They can provide you with a listing of upcoming events in your area.

To stay on top of upcoming events, you can join our distribution list, ‘Like’ us on Facebook, and ‘Follow’ us on Twitter!

What is Cultural Connections for Aboriginal Youth

The MYBC offers program funding outside of the MNBC Ministries through Cultural Connections for Aboriginal Youth (CCAY), which is provided by Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada. This funding allows Metis youth specific programs to run within the communities throughout BC. The Committee sends out a Request for Proposals every year to determine which Métis Chartered Communities within the Regions will receive CCAY funding.

Please see our CCAY page to see what projects are being funded in your region.

Does the Ministry of Youth have a report I can read?

Check the MNBC website for updates. Join our distribution list to receive provincial reports sent throughout the year, attend Community meetings or ask to attend or see the minutes of your Regional Governance Council meetings.

The Provincial Youth Chairperson prepares Reports for all Board of Directors meetings. The Regional Youth Representatives prepare updates for their Regional Governance Council Meetings. Please feel free to contact the Director of Youth and request the latest updates.

Where can I get answers to Harvesting questions I have?

Click HERE for Frequently Asked Questions about Hunting, Fishing and Harvesting.

Where can I get answers about the Supreme Court of Canada Decision (Daniel's Decision)?

Please click HERE for Frequently Asked Questions about what the Daniel's decision means and how it affects Métis in BC.