I received an application package, is the requested information mandatory?

Yes, the information requested in the application package is mandatory. Your application cannot be processed without the required information and documentation.

I think I have to renew my MNBC Citizenship Card, how do I do this?

Please contact our MNBC Registry.

My MNBC Citizenship Card was lost or stolen, how do I get a replacement card?

Please conact MNBC Central Registry.

Now that I have my MNBC Provincial Citizenship Card in what ways does this benefit me?

Now that you are a registered Citizen did you know you can:

1.         Apply to receive a MNBC Harvester card

2.         Register your minor aged children        

3.         Register your children under the age of five (5) years to receive free books from the Imagination Library. 

4.         Free Admission to Glenbow Museum, AB & BC Royal Museum

5.         Free registration in the MNBC Métis Business Directory if you are self-employed or are an entrepreneur

6.         Receive MNBC newsletters.

This card also entitles you to participate in provincial and local Métis governance, including:

6.         MNBC Provincial Elections

7.         MNBC Métis Nation Governing Assemblies

8.         MNBC Annual General Meetings

9.         Seeking election of a provincial or regional position on the MNBC Board of Directors

10.       Seeking election as a candidate in one of the thirty five (35) Chartered Métis Communities in the province

Am I entitled to medical and dental health benefits?

At the current time Métis Citizens are not eligible for health and dental benefits in BC.

Am I entitled to free housing?

At the current time, Métis Citizens are not entitled to free housing in BC.

One of my parents is Caucasian and the other is a Status Indian. Does that make me Métis?

Not necessarily. You will need to apply and provide information about your Métis ancestry.

Are there any other forms, documents or extra information that MNBC will need from me now?

Currently there are no additional forms, documents or extra information that MNBC will require from registered Métis in the province of BC.

Am I entitled to tax exemption when I purchase a vehicle or cigarettes?

At the current time Métis Citizens are not entitled to tax exemption when purchasing a vehicle or cigarettes in BC.

Are Métis in BC fuel tax exempt?

The Ministry of Finance document, revised September 2014, clearly states that Métis are not eligible for exemption under the Motor Fuel Tax Act and Carbon Tax Act. This means you cannot use your Métis Citizenship card when purchasing fuel for your vehicle. The Daniels decision does not change that.

How do we define a Métis community?

This is a difficult question that does not have a straight forward answer. The word "community" can be used in many different ways. It can be used to refer to a collective of individuals in one town or a larger regional collective identity or even the Métis Nation as a whole.

In Powley, the Court said that a "Métis community can be defined as a group of Métis with a distinctive collective identity living together in the same geographic area and sharing a common way of life." The Court found that there is a Métis community in and around Sault Ste. Marie, but it did not deny the possibility that this community may be a part of larger regional community or a distinct Aboriginal people. As well, in Blais, the Court said that Mr. Blais is "a member of the Manitoba Métis community". Issues with respect to identifying the extent of the local and regional communities that make up the Métis Nation will need to be determined through research, consultations with Métis citizens, and discussions with governments.

Will I need to get a new citizenship card?

Métis Citizens are not required to get a new Citizenship card. The MNBC is the officially recognized governing body for Métis in the province, and given this MNBC does encourage individuals to make application to register with us, if they are not already registered as Citizens.

What does "ancestral connection" to the historic Métis community mean?

This means that one of your ancestors was a member of the historic Métis community.

How long will it take to receive my card once I have submitted my application?

Application processing time for complete applications is approximately 20-24 weeks. The Registry processes thousands of applications and the genealogical information must be verified for each applicant. This process can be expedited by ensuring that all information required is accurate and complete when you submit your application.

Does my Métis Citizenship or my MNBC Harvesting Card replace the Provincial licence?

With regards to the recent federal Daniels decision and hunting and fishing in BC, all Métis hunters and fishers still require a BC Government issued Hunting and Fishing licence. The MNBC citizenship card and/or the MNBC Harvesting Card do not replace the Provincial licences at this time. For more information on how the Daniels decision may affect harvesting in BC for Métis please check for updates on our website.

How is Métis identity and Citizenship established in the Central Registry?

Métis identity is established by verifying Métis ancestry; this is done by confirming the applicant’s connection to the Historic Métis Nation Homeland and the founders of the First Métis Nation. With the mandatory genealogical supporting documentation the Central Registry is able to determine this.

Where can I get answers to Harvesting questions I have?

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Where can I get answers about the Supreme Court of Canada Decision (Daniel's Decision)?

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Where can I get answers about Métis Youth?

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