Please regard the related overviews, questionnaire, and topic summary documents presented at the Métis Rights & Reconciliation Community Engagement Sessions.  Your feedback is very important. 

See below for relevant details, session overviews, summaries, and presentations of past sessions.


Topic Summaries to date:

  1. MRRES Summary.PDF  (please review the summary before responding to the questionnaire)
  2. Questionnaire.PDF (please be sure you have reviewed the summary before answering)

Veterans Engagement:

  1. MV-BC (Veteran Member) Application.PDF
  2. WWII Métis Veteran Data Collection Form.PDF
  3. MV-BC Community Engagement Overview.PDF
  4. MV-BC Community Engagement PPT presentation.PDF
  5. MV-BC (Region 1) Community Engagement. PDF
  6. MV-BC (Region 2) Community Engagement. PDF
  7. MV-BC (Region 3) Community Engagement.PDF
  8. MV-BC (Region 5) Community Engagement.PDF
  9. MV-BC (Veterans) Act.PDF
  10. VAC New Pension For Life Presentation.PDF
  11. VAC WWII Métis Veterans Compensation_Press Release.PDF