Explore some of the rich history of the Métis Nation by visiting Hiding in Plain Sight: Discovering the Métis Nation in the Archival Records of Library and Archives Canada. The travelling exhibition is on display at the University of Alberta, Enterprise Square Gallery, in Edmonton, Alberta, from November 15, 2017, to January 14, 2018.

The Order of the Sash

The Order of the Sash is an award, recognized and presented by the Métis Nation British Columbia, in honour and recognition of outstanding contributions, personal sacrifice, selfless commitment, and service to the Métis nation, and or our country.

Harvester Survey

Important feedback needed for Harvesting data for Métis in British Columbia. All harvesting card holders need to complete their harvest Survey.  The survey will open on Jan 1, 2019 and close on June 30, 2019.

Take the Survey HERE.

Dana Lynn Seaborn is a Red River Métis, and has written 14 touching & toe-tapping songs celebrating the history and spirit of the Métis people.  Includes some great Métis-style fiddle-playing by Adrian Dolan.

LearnMichif.com was an initiative by Jeff Ward of Animikii early in 2003. Jeff saw the need for online Michif language instruction and built a basic web page based on the existing body of work done by Norman Fleury, Peter Bakker, Heather Souter, Pemmican Publications, and many, many other people. It wasn't until 2005 that he approached the Metis Youth British Columbia (MYBC) to partner and produce a website that would engage, educate and revive the Métis language.