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Purpose of Employment & Training Programs

The Métis Nation British Columbia administers the Métis Employment & Training Program (METP) to improve the employment potential, earning capacity and self-sufficiency of Métis people in British Columbia.

Program Approval Guidelines/Principles

When developing and/or approving employment or training programs, the seven (7) Regions of MNBC will subscribe to the following guidelines or principles:

  • Employment and training programs must respond to current and anticipated/future labour market conditions or requirements. All clients will be required to submit current information in regards to their chosen field as part of any application for assistance.
  • Métis people from all Regions of the Province must have reasonable and equitable access to employment and training programs.
  • There will be a balanced approach to resource allocation for employment and training programs across all regions of the Province.
  • Employment and training programs must be client-based, labour market applicable and within the guidelines set out in the policy.
  • Employment and training programs must be consistent with requirements established by the Government of Canada and in keeping with the regulations of signed contribution agreements.
  • Established policies and procedures will guide decisions and ensure administrative accountability.
  • The members selected by MNBC Regional Governance to sit on Regional Employment and Training Committees shall be Métis Persons of that region.

Client Eligibility Criteria

Métis persons residing in British Columbia must provide documentation to prove an established residency in B.C. to be eligible to participate as follows:

  • Eligible applicants are normally unemployed; however, they may also participate if they are under-employed, self-employed, or employed if their work environment is subject to change or elimination due to technological or market change.
  • Regional priorities will be set annually for these categories; for example, percentages of clients who will be served from the "employed" or "self-employed" categories and within the labour market areas of that region.
  • The minimum eligible age is fifteen (15) years of age.

Applicants must also meet specific program eligibility criteria.

Métis Identification

To be eligible to be considered for METP funding, a person must:

  • Self-identify as Métis; or
  • Be of historic Métis Nation Ancestry,
  • Be distinct from other Aboriginal Peoples, and
  • Be accepted by the Métis Nation.

Métis individuals who self identify will be required to complete a declaration of Métis Identity Form.

Métis individuals who claim acceptance by the Métis Nation will be required to:

  1. Provide a photocopy of a Métis identification card issued by a community recognized by the MNBC, or
  2. A letter verifying Métis citizenship from a community recognized by the MNBC. A list of the seven (7) Regions of the MNBC and the recognized community are maintained by the MNBC.

An Applicant may be asked to sign an affidavit to confirm that any of the above details are true and factual.

Training Eligibility Criteria

  • The training is to provide employable and/or transferable skills only.
  • The applicant will have a high probability of achieving employment when these skills are acquired. The client, when possible, should obtain written notification from a potential employer of their possible employment upon completion of their Return to Work Action Plan (Refer to Appendix for the Return to Work Action Plan)
  • Requests for highly specialized, unique training with limited labour market opportunities will be referred to the RETC (or the METP Director, in conjunction with the METP Provincial staff, as applicable).
  • The training should lead to the applicant's self-sufficiency and reflect the applicant's Return to Work Action Plan
  • The training must not be otherwise funded for Métis applicants unless by additional, non-incremental matching funds through partnership.
  • The training results in a certificate accepted as a credential by the respective industry.
  • Programs that exceed one year in length can only be approved on an annual basis (one year), and then reviewed for further support for each subsequent year of a program, the entire training must be identified and included in the client's Return to Work Action Plan. In these cases, the client must re-apply for each year requested.
  • All training must meet regional directives as determined by RETC as part of annual operation plans, including the labour market needs of a region. Staff shall inform clients as soon as possible if their application does not meet one of these directives to allow clients to seek other funding.

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