Thank you for submitting the application request form.

My name is Jeanie Cardinal, I am the Executive Assistant for the MNBC Ministry of Children and Families. If you are receiving this notice, you are being identified as the Legal Guardianship, Delegated Social Worker for a child in care and have submitted a request to obtain a Child in Care-Specific Citizenship application on behalf of Child who is under the protection of Ministry for Children and Families of BC.

I will be following up with you to provide you with a fill-able MNBC Citizenship Application for Children in Care through Adobe E-sign. We will provide you with contact details for Metis Commission for Children and Families of BC, and offer you helpful tips on how to complete the application on behalf of a child in care.

Phone: 1-800-940-1150
Secured Fax Line: 778-547-0537

We wish to take this opportunity to thank you for supporting children in care. I am available to answer questions and to support you as the legal guardian in the Citizenship application process.