I Want to Apply

Why Apply

My people will sleep for one hundred years. When they awake, it will be the artists that give them back their spirit. — Louis Riel, July 1885

There are as many reasons to apply for Citizenship as there are applicants. Each applicant has an individual reason for beginning the citizenship process.  Since Louis Riel’s time, our Nation has indeed awakened and is gaining strength and momentum.  MNBC has come a long way from our grass roots beginnings and we are growing quickly each and every year.  MNBC has 13 Ministries dedicated to working hard for the Métis people of BC. Through this work MNBC offers a myriad of programs and services. We encourage you to explore our website to learn more about what our Ministries have been working on and what programs are available.

Under section 35 of the Constitution of Canada it states Métis as one of the 3 Aboriginal people of Canada.  After this was established by the Powley decision, the importance of having a Métis Central Registry to identify Métis section 35 rights holders became apparent.  As more section 35 rights are determined for Métis people, this will become increasingly important.  Although this is a significant reason to apply for Citizenship, there are many other reasons Métis choose to apply for Citizenship.

Being a Citizen with MNBC will give you a voice in the Nation.   As a Métis Citizen you will have the ability to vote in the MNBC Electoral process and be invited to attend our Annual General Meeting each fall to participate in our legislative process.

Connection is another main reason people apply for citizenship.  Whether it is connection to your local Chartered Community, culture, or your family and ancestors, MNBC Citizenship is often first step.  We encourage all of our citizens to discover what their local Chartered Community has to offer.  These Communities facilitate new citizens attending cultural events and meeting Elders or Knowledge Keepers nearest to you. These communities are the heart of the nation.  It is their dedication that keeps our culture and language alive.