2021 By-Election

2021 By-Election Information

Public Notice is hereby given to all Métis Citizens of the Métis Nation British Columbia that a By-Election will be held December 15, 2021, by Online and Mail-in Ballot ONLY for the purpose of electing a President, Regional Women’s representatives for Regions 2, 3, 5, and 6, and Regional Youth representatives for Regions 5 and 7, pursuant to and in accordance with the MNBC Electoral Act (2021).

Please see the links below for further information on the By-Election, and to request a mail-in or online ballot.

We look forward to your participation in the 2021 MNBC By-Election!

Election Candidates

Shannon Boucher Marks

Tag Line: Metis Voices Matter! 

Candidate for MNBC President

Email: shannonmarks04@gmail.com 

Introduction Video Link: https://youtu.be/ud2ihPvYPvw

KEYNOTE Speech Link: https://youtu.be/LybgQAIHhd0 


Candidate Affiliation Disclosure: Candidate disclosed no affiliations


Shannon Boucher Marks is a proud Metis woman and a Canadian story. Shannon is a 60 Scoop Advocate, Author, Educator and Warrior who shares her 60-Scoop experience. In 2020 Shannon co-authored “Out of the Shadows”- Volume 2 stories by 60 Scoop Warriors. In 2019 Shannon gave the full keynote for the Metis 60 Scoop Symposium to give insight worldwide on the devastating trauma that tore her and other Metis families apart.

Shannon Boucher Marks was instrumental in the June 2018 agreement with the Province of BC and the MNBC to transfer control of the Metis children in care to the Metis Nation of British Columbia. Shannon understands the importance of bringing our children home to our families and culture for the well-being of our Metis children and youth.

Shannon graduated from Eton College with a Diploma in Hospitality Management. Shannon has proven leadership abilities and can work with people of all levels. Shannon holds a certificate in public speaking, can communicate in digital and written format, is familiar with HR processes, front office operations, and employment law.

It’s Time for Metis Voices to Matter! Shannon enjoys collaborating with and bringing people together for a common goal. Let’s celebrate our culture and make our Metis Nation proud. Shannon’s vision is to build and preserve a vibrant Metis culture.

Shannon is a mother, wife, and grandmother. Shannon’s passion is for her Metis heritage and to bring unity to the Metis citizens in British Columbia. 

Metis Voices Matter! 

Kathryn (Katie) Aldred

Candidate for Women’s Representative Region 2

Email: aldredkatie@yahoo.com

Phone Number: 778-866-5431


Dear Friends and Members of Metis Nation of British Columbia,

My name is Kathryn Aldred, Katie for short, and I am asking you to consider me for Region 2 Women’s Representative in the upcoming bi – election for MNBC.

I have been a member of MNBC since 2019, and like most did not find out my roots until later in life. This has just made me more passionate to learn all I can about our way of life and culture so that I can pass on our traditions to my children and their children and help to keep our culture alive.

I am currently the Women’s Representative for the Fraser Valley Metis Association and have started implementing some of the ideas I have for creating a sisterhood of women within our community. I firmly believe that it takes a village, and all our women should be supported, advocated for, and feel like they belong to a strong Metis community. My hope by becoming Region 2 Women’s Representative, is to create a network of women who feel supported and welcomed at any stage of their life’s journey – from just finding out, becoming a strong matriarch, or the honor of becoming an elder.

I have 3 children aged 16, 9, and 6 and have been with my spouse for 16 years. I am also currently enrolled at the University of the Fraser Valley and am obtaining a Bachelor of Arts degree in Indigenous Studies. I hope to use my education to help support my community, the Indigenous peoples within my community, and should I be successful, the communities within my region.

I am excited and hopeful to be given this opportunity to represent and serve the women in Region 2.


Katie Aldred

Walter Mineault

Tag Line: Moving Métis Rights ForwardCandidate for MNBC President

Email: info@waltermineault.ca or wtmineault@hotmail.comSocial Media Links:

Facebook: Walter Mineault Mnbc

Candidate Affiliation Disclosure: Current President of Dawson Creek Native HousingBio:Walter has been a lifelong Métis Nation community member in British Columbia, with roots in Kelly Lake, Pouce Coupe and Dawson Creek. Growing up, he was immersed in Métis culture, being born and raised in the Northeast of British Columbia. This has given him an extraordinary insight into our culture, our traditional and contemporary ways of life, and the challenges we face.  His father, Herb Mineault, was a Métis Nation Provincial Vice-President in the early 1980’s, and is a source of inspiration. Métis Politics has always been a part of his life; he grew up listening to, learning from, and knowing many Métis leaders. Walter has been happily married to his wife Tammy for 28 years, they have 4 children, and 2 grandchildren. His Métis family and community are his motivation to work for the betterment for all Métis People in the province of British Columbia. Walter has been a successful Métis entrepreneur for the last 28 years as a Private Contractor, employing many Métis workers. Walter has served as a Métis Community President in Pouce Coupe B.C, and also served two previous terms as the Regional Director in the MNBC Northeast region. Walter has dedicated energy and time assisting the people in our Métis communities, and is excited to serve as our MNBC President. As President, Walter has several key priorities;  affirming Métis Rights, Recognition and Self-Government; advancing Economic Development Initiatives; supporting the advancement of Métis Child and Family Initiatives as led by the Métis Nation; focus on Métis Culture and Language opportunities and programs; focus on addressing issues of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls (MMIWG); and he is committed to shared leadership, transparency, and a positive approach to nation building at all levels – local, regional, provincial and national for the betterment of all Métis citizens.

Carmen Carriere

Candidate for Region 2 Women’s Representative

Facebook:  @Carmen Carriere

Instagram:  @carrierecarmen

My name is Carmen Carriere and I, along with my family, live on the ancestral and treatied territory of the Tsawwassen First Nation and the unceded territory of the Musqueam people. I am a proud Métis woman whose roots run deep in the Red River. My great-great grandfather, Salomon Hamélin, was a member of the first governing body in Manitoba following the 1870 Resistance, while my great-great uncle was DamaseCarrière who was executed by colonial troops at Batoche.

I received both my Bachelor of Arts in History and my Bachelor of Education from UBC. Most importantly, I am a mother of four UBC students and a dog, an advocate, writer and a secondary Social Studies and English educator. I volunteer my time as an advocate with the Children’s Organ Transplant Society and the Canadian Donation and Transplant Research Program, while I also do cultural sensitivity training with the UBC Centre for Excellence in Indigenous Health. Back in the 1990’s, I had the privilege to work with Métis scholar and activist Dr. Howard Adams as a board member in establishing the now defunct Vancouver Métis Association.

Outside of these involvements, I enjoy books, working with my writing group, walking along the beach, yoga, sourdough toast and a good cup of jasmine green tea. I believe in curiosity and asking questions, advocating for those who need a voice and that there is always more to know and learn. I believe my lived experience with supporting my father who lives with a disability and in advocating for my daughter who lives with a chronic health condition, has given me valuable experience and insight into systems that are often difficult to navigate. I believe in the power of women, two-spirt, gender non-conforming and non-binary persons to promote the social, economic and environmental justice needed.

Lissa Dawn Smith

Tag Line: Vote for Experience

Candidate for MNBC President

Website: www.lissadawnsmith.ca

Email: lissa5@telus.net

Social Media Links: Facebook Lissa Dawn Smith

Candidate Affiliation Disclosure: Candidate disclosed no affiliations


Smith just celebrated her 14-year anniversary on the Metis Nation BC Board of Directors and is the longest serving board member in the history of Metis Nation BC.

Smith is a mother of two, grandmother of three and a great grandmother of three. Her Metis Lineage is from the Red River Settlement.

Smith first became involved in Metis community governance in 2004, she went on to become the Metis Nation of Greater Victoria Vice-President and President. Smith was appointed by the Region 1 Governance Council in 2007 as their interim Region 1 Director.

She regards her most important work with Metis Nation BC as the appointment she received as Minister Responsible for Metis Veterans, and the 12 years she served on the Veterans file.  In 2010 Lissa was awarded the Queens Diamond Jubilee Medal for her work with Aboriginal veterans. She served as MNBC Region 1 Director for nine years and was elected as the MNBC Vice-President in 2016. Smith is currently MNBC’s Acting President.

Her current Ministry portfolios include Minister of Metis Rights, Justice and Minister of Digital Government. She has previously served as the MNBC Minister of Veterans, Children and Families and Health. She is also the MNBC Senate Liaison to the MNBC Board of Directors.

In 2004 Smith graduated from the University of Victoria with a Bachelor of Social Work degree with an Indigenous specialization. Her past employment includes working for the Provincial Ministry of Human Resources and Child and Family Social Services with several First Nation communities.

Lissa Dawn Smith is a proud Metis Nation BC Citizen who currently lives in the Greater Victoria area with her partner Roland. She was born in Port Alberni, BC and has lived on Vancouver Island for most of her life.

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