Call for Applications for Métis Capital Corporation

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Métis Nation British Columbia is in the process of establishing a Métis Capital Corporation in British Columbia. Significant start-up funding for the Capital Corporation has been approved by the Government of Canada through Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada.

Métis-established Capital Corporations exist in all the other Métis jurisdictions in Canada except here in British Columbia. This is about to change with the establishment of our own Métis Capital Corporation. Such Capital Corporations exist to help Métis businesses and entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs start and/or grow their businesses. They have proven their success in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario, and now it is our turn in British Columbia. Capital Corporations are a key element of economic development for Métis people in this country and now here in British Columbia. Métis have always had a strong tradition of entrepreneurship.

The mandate of our new Capital Corporation Inc. is to offer financial assistance to Métis entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs through business loans and other funding mechanisms for the start-up, acquisition and/or expansion of viable Métis owned businesses in British Columbia. Through this assistance Métis businesses in British Columbia can grow and prosper and be able to fully participate in the economic opportunities in the province. The Capital Corporation will provide its services based on prudent and sound business principles.

The new Capital Corporation will operate independent from MNBC and have its own Board of five Directors. Three of the five directors – the majority – including the Chairperson will be from the Métis population at large to ensure independence. The other two directors will be members from the MNBC Board of Directors.

MNBC is seeking applications from Métis people in British Columbia to be considered for one of the three director-at-large positions. The term of appointments will vary from two years to three years. Consideration will be given to those applicants who have expertise in business development and financial lending. Letters of application should include contact information, description of qualifications including a minimum of ten years of employment and/or business experience/history and the names of at least two references. Each applicant should also briefly explain why they are putting their name forward. The successful applicants will be subject to a criminal record check before being appointed to the Board. The MNBC Board of Directors will decide on the appointees and set the length of terms.

Applications should be forwarded to the MNBC Board of Directors at  Deadline for applications is March 31, 2017.