AEES Trades Bursary Application

The Aboriginal Bursaries Search Tool is a searchable list of more than 750 bursaries, scholarships and incentives across Canada, offered by governments, universities and colleges, private and public companies, individual Canadians, organizations and others.

The majority of bursaries on this list target Aboriginal students but could vary by group such as First Nation, Métis or Inuit. Also, some bursaries are specific to a region, place of residence, a school, or a field of study.

Along with the other scholarships listed, BC Hydro First Nation scholarships and bursaries are available to First Nation students who are residents of B.C. and are enrolled in an accredited full-time post-secondary program. First Nation students in Grade 12 planning to pursue a full-time, accredited post-secondary education within Canada are also eligible to apply.

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We have a new and improved as presented by the Métis Youth British Columbia (MYBC) and the Métis Nation BC (MNBC). Learn more about this project by clicking on the title link.

"MNBC At A Glance" provides an introductory to the Métis Nation British Columbia's Governance and Operational Structure. 

MYBC Role Model Campaign

Métis Youth British Columbia (MYBC) is proud to host the annual Métis Youth Role Model Campaign to identify amazing Youth in British Columbia. This campaign is designed to focus on Youth achievements and provide role models for our Métis communities. Métis role models promote healthy lifestyles, Métis culture and awareness, strengthen Métis identity and are actively involved in their community.

MYBC will seek to promote five (5) Métis Youth Role Models each year from among all eligible submissions. In order to be eligible, Métis Youth role models must be between the ages of 15 and 30 and reside in the Province of BC. Métis Youth Role Models will receive a prize, will be showcased on the Métis Nation British Columbia website, and will have opportunities to travel within the Province to Métis Youth gatherings and events. In addition, posters of the five Role Models will be distributed to Métis Chartered Communities and Aboriginal organizations in order to promote their achievements.

Please help us promote these amazing youth by downloading their posters and displaying them in high traffic areas. Thank you for your support ~ MYBC/Ministry of Youth.

Métis Youth Act
Citizenship Application Step 2 (For Under 14s) (Online Application Supplement)

Citizenship applicaiton form for minors (age 14 and under).