About MYBC

The Ministry of Youth, also known as Métis Youth British Columbia (MYBC), is a voluntarily driven youth governing body that represents and advocates on behalf of Métis youth at the community, provincial and national level. The Ministry of Youth ensures that Métis Youth are involved and engaged in all levels of governance, both within and outside of the Métis Nation British Columbia.

MYBC is a member of the Unified Aboriginal Youth Collective (UAYC). The UAYC is a consortium of Aboriginal youth representative bodies and organizations in British Columbia with the purpose to unify the diverse groups of Aboriginal youth in British Columbia and establish a common voice. Since its inception, the UAYC has worked in partnership with the Ministry of Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation. Through this partnership, MYBC has the opportunity each year to apply for Youth Engagement funding which allows us to continue to build our capacity and support Métis Youth in the province.

Our Mandate

The Ministry of Youth is composed of seven (7) Regional Youth Representatives and a Provincial Youth Chairperson; the members of the Committee are all elected by the youth in their regions. From these eight positions an executive is also formed. The Provincial Youth Chairperson also holds a voting seat on the Board of Directors and is the Minister Responsible for Youth (and any other Ministry appointed by the President of MNBC).

As political representatives for Métis Youth British Columbia (MYBC), the members of the elected Regional Representatives work within their respective communities across the province. The Ministry of Youth is continually lobbying each of the Communities to ensure they have a Community Youth Representative to facilitate the flow of communication to and from the grassroots level. 

MYBC Accomplishments

  • Developed Policies and Procedures
  • Youth Act entrenched in MNBC Constitution
  • A voting seat on the MNBC Board of Directors
  • Founding member of the United Aboriginal Youth Collective (UAYC) supported through   the Ministry of Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation (MARR)
  • Signed interagency MOU with UAYC organizations – BC Association of Aboriginal Friendship Centres – PAYC, Knowledgeable Aboriginal Youth Association (KAYA), BC Assembly of First Nations (BCAFN), First Nations Youth Council of BC Association (FNYCBCA)
  • Signed MOU with the Ministry of Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliations as a member organization of UAYC.
  • Are the National Métis Youth representative of the 4Rs Young Leaders Initiative
  • Developed a MYBC Website and alternate communication tools
  • Developing a Youth Distribution List and Database
  • Voting seat on each Regional Governance Council

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