CDSP - Ethics and Consent



The Métis Nation Ethics Committee is made up of Métis Citizens from across the Province. When required a number of experts are also available to provide their professional insight to the research projects submitted for review by the Ethics Committee. The Ethics Committee will review and provide an ethical evaluation of the research projects that are a result of the data matching process. The evaluation will include an approval or disapproval of the proposed research. The Ethics Committee review will also provide valuable insight into the reports generated as a result of the data matching process.

The following documents provide a description of the Ethics Committee and the review process. The Primer on Ethics is an introduction to the purpose and objectives of an ethics committee and the process of an ethics review.

The Terms of Reference positions the Ethics Committee within the MNBC structure.

The Ethics Committee Review Form is the form that is completed by the Ethics Committee members after reviewing a research proposal.

Researchers who are interested in completing a data match should complete the Project Proposal form and submit it to the MNBC Ethics Committee for Review.


Ethics and Consent

The participation of Métis Citizens will determine the success of the Chronic Disease Surveillance Program. Métis Citizens are asked to provide their individual consent to participate in the Data Matching process of the Chronic Disease Surveillance Program. With out the participation of Métis Citizens we will not be able to know the current health status of Métis in BC; we will not be able to know how to improve health services delivered to Métis people in BC and across Canada; we will not be able to know the strengths of the Métis Community that permit Métis People to be as strong as they are.

The consent process requires Métis Citizens to review the Sharing Health Information brochure; then read the Consent Form and review the Personal Information Form. Once these documents have been reviewed we ask that if you consent to the data matching process to sign and submit the Consent Form and the Personal Information Form to the CDSP Manager.